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    I’m a pretty patient person, but I must say, waiting on this AF is frustrating!


    trying…ya I have a digital one .So maybe I’ll try that first



    seriously!! and DD still sleeps in our room in her crib. hubby was like ‘ well we’ll just have to do it in the closet when everyone is asleep’ ohmygod! LOL !!!



    Sorry !! In UK we call doctor a GP – General Practioner.
    My GP saw my normal Thyroid and said that if you want you don’t have to continue the meds
    I did try to talk to my doctor ( GP ) and she snapped at me and said we will wait till results and I askd for a ultrasound to confirm if I am preg or not and she said no. It is like she does not care – that is why I am trying for a private GP and will take ultrasound in private clinic, it is not easy as you can only register to clinics near you and there aren’t many where I stay and it takes time to register as they need to do paper work.



    2DPO – promised myself that I wouldn’t obsess this month but finding it harder and harder each day!! We didn’t BD as much as we have done previous months but did BD 3 times around O day…so we’ll see.


    emma..How long before you could see the line?? If you let Hpt sit there for too long it will almost always be a faint line second line but if you see it right away you may have a bfp!



    cleo~Invite yourself!


    NewMama14 happy turkey day………. i’m from canada to



    I know! She told me to calm down! LOL!



    morning ladies – so thats AF almost away!!!! shortest AF i have ever had might i add!! (1 day spotting, 1 day of light red ‘flow’, 1 day of spotting!) so i am now CD3 & ready to start again ( with a more laidback approach i might add! lol!) just gonna have a catchup……



    good afternoon ladies…I am back from my trip to Melbourne :0)



    DH went & got me a nice bottle of fizzy ros̩ Рif that dont de-stress me then nothin will!!!!! lol



    Im cd3 today and AF is usually heavier and longer than this, just seems wierd cuz its not the norm



    gone to go get my opks now 🙂 I’ve ordered some on ebay and I’m going to use dollar store opk until they arrive. I’m so excited to poas today! lol almost have fertile cm and cp is hso so maybe opk will let me know if I’m ovulating soon. Im CD 11 out of an irregular 26-28 cycle.


    omg love! TEST AGAIN!!!!

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