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    Tested…neg. Still no sign on my period. It’s now twen days late. Ive gained a little im not sure if that has anything to do with it…


    thanks c…i think im just going to finish out this cycle and see where im at. I dont really want to ttc…i just want to be preggo. The ups and downs seem like toomuch for now. I hope my bbs quit hurting so i dont keep thinking…hmm i might be preggo….



    Hi Ladies! Congrats to all of the BFP’s!!! Today is my first day back in about two months. I forgot the pass word to my other account and took time out today to create another page. I was Bumkin then now as it reads I’m Kfinity. Since my last visit my husband and I have moved and are still TTC. This is our 6mnth TTC and its frustrating, however Im remaining hopeful. Im currently CD 17 and we have been BDing like every other day since CD 12. AF was really strange this month lasting for 7 days but spotting for 3 days after. Sorry for the TMI, I’m just confused and anxious. Ready to get this baby making process underway…



    Morning ladies. 8dpo and having much milder cramps this morning. Yesterday they got pretty intense.



    i think ttc for such a long time you end up doing crazy stuff like not excercising at ovulation and implantation time of the month ‘just in case’ we disrupt somthing, or not drink even thought the chances are soo slim your pregs.. man i wish it would just happen and i didint have to be ‘careful and all that i mean heaps get pregs geting ther drunk on and excercising like crazy drinking coffee etc..i gues ive gone silly and extra careful as its taken so darn long.. my accupuncturist rekons maybe i should try the milker or baker for a baby.. hehheh sory raw joke to lighten the mood lol..



    FX for tmg & smashley too, smash…wait till 10 or 11dpo….yep, so hard to do I know!



    alicia i just sent it. there should be 3 pics.



    so does anyone have names picked out ?



    dnice- some people go straight back to normal after a m/c, for other people AF can be delayed


    hey everyone!



    thanks bex! that means i could test thurs/fri oooh exciting 🙂 mommi to abi thats great news, glad to hear it xxx



    good morning!



    515–AF isn’t due till the 22nd for me either:) Finally had a negative OPK today after 4 days of positives. We had sex everyday so hopefully we caught this egg! Last month I think we tried too hard and didn’t have fun. This time I sent DH texts and teased him a little;) Def helped make it more fun!:)



    Only- clomid will lengthen your cycle so that you have a longer luteal phase so you have longer time to implant but it shouldn’t have gone that long. Also its better to you a digital ovulation test when on it cause sometimes the lines are just hard to judge and if you take a line test to close to when you took the last pill it can give you a false possitive. I hope you have better luck this month!!



    CKAR-FX for u it gets darker….so DH and I just decided today- that if and when we do get preg. that wewould waitto find out the sex of the baby…does anyone have any experience with this?

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