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    hollydk – Just try and relax (easier said than done I know) Stress is never good for the baby!! I sure everything will be fine you only have 10 weeks left hang in there!!



    How early can we start getting prego symptoms? I’m only 6DPO and some smells have been stronger then they usually seem and it bothers me.. How do you tell someone you love that you can’t be around or they need deodorant or a shower cuz their odor just makes me sick! ~thank god its not my Bf~ but even after she left, the smell linger.. Its on my couch, in the air! Urgh!!! Dave doesn’t notice the smell, he didn’t even realized when the person was there it but it disgusts me!!!



    Temps are best tested after having slept for at least 3 hrs. When you’ve been up and around doing things it goes up, like mine right now is 97.6 but this morning was 96.8. I set my alarm everyday for 7:30 am because thats the earliest I normally have to be up during the week and I take it and go back to bed :0P



    Gen – last time I was pregnant, I had the type of pregnancy people hate – in other people. No morning sickness, only toothbrushing made me queasy, enjoyed being pregnant, didn’t wish it was over at any stage, am overweight but no complications and still did gym classes 3 times a week. I remember saying to a friend that I wished my AF would hurry up because it felt like it was going to be a bad one – then she said that can happen when you’re pregnant too. Next morning, had a dream I told my friend I was pregnant, woke up and just knew. So am expecting AF Fri-Saturday. We’ll know soon enough :o)



    During a pap, your Dr. may be able to feel your uterus and tell it is tilted (you know how they smoosh their fingers into your belly to feel your uterus/ovaries?) but my doctor never knew – it was only when I went and had u/s done after my second miscarriage that they could see my uterus was not tilted. At the beginning of my first pregnancy, the u/s did not show a tilted uterus. I had a c-section so I wonder if that had anything to do with it…



    Britphelps, sorry AF is playing with your mind, she does that to me every month and it sucks. Krissieth, i have been trying for about a year with one mc in sept. I wasnt obsessed until the mc… Before that, i had endo. 1.5 months before the mc, i had laprocsopic surgery for the endo. I have been regular and ovulating every month.

    Lissie, if you are talking about the cassette ones, i get that evap line on almost every one. I also used those when i got pregnant in sept and it was faint at first but def pink. It was positive very early too. I am 11 dpo today and still negative. Mybbs are a little less sore today. I guess i know what that means.



    wahoooooo bring on the ding dong! haha



    Dmmarinewife, we can be testing buddies then! Ginamummy, this is my #3 ttc cycle, and I still have some wine over weekends. But not more than 2 glasses… But the moment I find out I’m pregnant I will not have any more. Did that with my dd, the first few times chilling with friends and everyone was having a drink and I’m sitting with fruit juice was not so nice, but so worth it in the end…



    kaidey, ive never had implantation bleeding and ive been preg 4 times, everyones different!



    yay brilliant news krissieh!!! congrats 🙂



    Me either Eeyore – I’ve been having such vivid dreams, they keep waking me up!



    Welcome Kelly – I hope your stay in TTC is short!



    kaidey, i tried when i made my account and i can’t figure out how 🙁



    Hello everyone I am back again i just recieved my BFP last night yayayay!!!!


    andrea- whats the article about?

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