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    Since I have PCOS, I havent had a period since Nov 08, I went to the Dr last week and he put me on Provera to start my period. My question is once I get a period from the Provera does this mean I will ovulate? I will start Chlomid once I get my periods. TTC Sucks, I wish they would just find something to fix PCOS. Thanks ladies



    Happy Labor Day Weekend Ladies…Sorry that I have been MIA….I have been TRYING to take a ‘Break’ for TTC…I think I am going CRAZY LOL

    Hugs and Baby Dust to Everyone~



    Thank you Diane *hugs back* I just feel like crying right now… I always have ‘symptoms’ I think my endometriosis is getting worse…. probably gonna have to have Lap done soon… we… well I was avoiding it, I’ve never been put under before and it kinda scares me because I have an irregular heart beat. I am completely ignoring this month’s ‘symptoms’ now…



    totally expecting my temp to go up today but instead it went down..way down and took it several times and even re-took later in am..and still down. I’m also feeling like I can’t wake up, very tired..even though I slept a lot..or enough. weird.. whats wrong I wonder?



    My hubby did a sperm sample on Monday (after only waiting 2 days, not 3-5 like they said) and today our clinic wants him to come in and do an ultrasound…but didn’t say why.

    Has anyone else’s hubby done this?Is it usual practice or is it because something is wrong?

    He conceived with his ex 4 years ago so I don’t think he’s infertile. He is diabetic though so perhaps that’s why the test. Someone help please!



    meadow. i won’t even get to my story. BUT hubby’s family was AWESOME, mine was like ‘ Where is she gonna put a baby’ I was living in a travel trailer, with my terminally ill ex andnewhubby. It was a whoopsy. And I ultimately miscarried. Few people even know I am even considering the possibility of another baby. The ones that are most supportive ARE in the medical profession who know my age and good health OR in a positioon to know the REAL facts and not the ugly stats that scare most people. Like EVEN at my age I have a 92% percent chance of a perfectly healthy baBY. gOOD luck, AND DO WHAT’S BEST for you. aND WELCOME!



    I’ve used other opk but never had more than 2 or 3 positives



    A lil over 5mnths to a yr !:( ButT…. now its gettin more serious bcus I nevr been pg nd onli 18 I’m gettin married jan.15 nd me nd hubbie R34LLY…. wnt dis I wud think it wud b smoother he’s 23 about 2 b 24 nd onli has 1 child idk it scares me a lil :-/ 🙁 I shud b able nd ready lol



    Hi Ladies, I took the trigger shot on Monday so hopefully ovulated late tuesday or wednesday. Now on the 2ww. Anyone else on the 2ww?


    Hi all I’m at work tonight been on my feet all night so far and my lower stomach is really hurting me. So confusing as I had a BFN earlier 🙁



    I wonder what it is in us that causes all this anxiety about knowing… I mean, I have felt it all too much… but now I look back and don’t know why I freaked out so much about testing… Well I guess I am kinda bad about gambling in my own way too, maybe that plays into it. I guess I get scared of having another ectopic…



    Alot of you ladies are talking about ‘FF’, what is it? A website? I was all set to start my OPKs today but when I took them out of the bathroom drawer I saw they were expired! Not surprising since they are left over from when I was TTC my first 4 years ago!



    aaaaaannnd we’re back: this is taketwo’s take two! ; P



    Sweetie2320…it’s hard to say for sure exactly when you will ovulate. Usually it can vary a few days, so just follow your fertile signs…egg white cm, temperatures etc. I think the idea behind every other day BDing around ovulation is that it gives time for the male sperm to replenish so they are better quality and have a better chance of reaching the egg. Weak ones that are underdeveloped may have a harder time.



    Hey girls. I’m doing okay. As I type this I am feeling very quesy. I’m at work too so hope I can make it through the day! WhatCouldBe are you due for AF now?

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