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    So I wondering what you ladies think of this. I have lots of stretchy cm just started tonight. I would guess that I will be O soon. My husband won’t be home until Saturday afternoon. Do you think I still have a shot this month?



    firsttimer, its ok.. and yes I am using OPKs this month, got 2 positives yesterday- I had to do 2 for my own sanity LOL. I kept thinking it was a fluke or maybe something else caused it to be positive LOL. But when I retested a few hours later it was darker 🙂 I am more confident now that it was the ewcm that I should be seeing.. it goes hand in hand with the + opk.. and I don’t normally have this problem after we BD any other time of the month LOL..



    AF still here….on 3rd day of cycle and very grumpy. I am excited about Christmas but I sure was wishing to give my husband BFP as a gift. Discouraged? YES but very hopeful. I am thinking if I get pregnant in Feb. then maybe I’ll have a wonderful birthday present in November. I’ll take the baby anytime though! Congrats to all of you who are getting the BFP’s. I sure hope to join you soon. God bless you all!



    i have just been soooooooooo tired this past week, i dont know what is going on. AF should have been here today at the latest but??? nada! for the past few cycles before AF i have been getting really depressed (hormones i guess) and really bad tummy aches (wierd) but i’m not having any of this right now



    I’m with xweegeex, sorry to hear about the bfn’s. A bfn isn’t necessary though if you were to be temping. Temping is simple w/ Fertility Friend. All you do is take your temp at the same time every day w/ a basal therometer, enter it and it does everything for you. That way if your temp stays up when you are to expect AF, then you know to test. Saves A LOT of $$ that is being spent on tests.



    ladies…………….Im in Newcastle and its so windy outside. I am freezing here too. 15* degrees.



    Babylove- Congrats!!!!!!


    Ceasar is still better than Akilies…. this is not troy.

    I get called Jenifer as well. I think its just a first to mind type name.

    I really love the name Ava. I wish it was not as common. Lilly Kate is an adorable name!!



    allie…I hope it all works out for you this month!!!!! I am expecting AF today, so if I get it…we are on the same cycle…:):)



    Hopefully soon it will be our turns!!! 🙂



    thanks momtobe…good luck with everything….haha all I know is I hated clomid last time! It gave me such hot flashes, ugh. but its worth it for another child.


    CCT: You have such a beautiful family!


    and4eva–good luck! I’ve had some nausea off and on. Mostly just really, REALLY tired, super sensitive breasts, headachy and lots of heartburn. We’ll see.



    not the same my legs and back ack really bad when af is coming but could be dif this time and i had that blood spots five days ago so i dont no


    CD 23 and really have no feeling at all about this cycle..weird. I think I will test friday and maybe a little sooner if I get symptoms. The holidays were kinda stressful and I THINK I o’d on New years but I’ve herd a lot of women O late while on clomid. I guess we’ll see!

Viewing 15 posts - 70,141 through 70,155 (of 131,346 total)

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