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    congrats katiea!



    Me too diane lol



    Thanks ladies! I am deffo pg!!! It came up on the digital as 1-2. I told OH that means we are having 1-2 babies lol. You should have seen his face! I am so made up! I am so grateful for all the support I got on this page and am really quite sad I am leaving this forum. Hopefully there will be a whole bunch of us going to the week by weeks together!



    dd likes to use my shirt as a snot rag, ick!! lol


    Total feel AF coming and I’m eating everything in site….Just hoping AF will stay away for a couple more days until my OB appt. ! Baby Dust to everyone!



    Thanks, I guess it is different for everyone but this came as a total shock. I have two children already, with my youngest being 6 mo old and it was never a ‘challenge’ to have children before but it just goes to show that we are not in charge and someone else has a master plan for our life!



    i hope you caught that egg mama 😉



    Thank you for the advice i managed to BD upto th 19th he is away on a course now for work so keeping fingers crossed im not sure this month will be my month.


    Ya I had my son and daughter V . I know there is more healing involved with c sec but whatever gets the baby out healthy I’m for


    ACOASTIE: CONGRATULATIONS on your BFP!! AMANDA: I think you really ought to go to the ER and let them check you out. Considering the fall and what you felt afterwards I personally wouldnt wait til tomorrow. You just never know, muscle strains and even back injuries dont necessarily have major pain til the 3rd day past injury–I know because I have nerve damage and 2 slipped disks above my tailbone that were injured in a car accident, I didnt know how bad I was till I couldnt move or get out of bed a few days after when the swelling went down. Just a suggestion-you have to take care of you.



    Well progesterone is 22.9 they said thats good its in ovulatory range. So we just have to wait till next week and see if I get af next week. Kinda dissapointed thought it would of been a little higher but still its better than the 7 it has been.



    Wow, I just peed twice in 10 to 15 mins. And TMI they weren’t little they were both like I held my pee for hours



    congrats I- wanna , hope you have a great 9 months !



    How long after the first negative OPK would be the average of when I should start my cycle



    good luck tps, let us know how you go!!!

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