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    lmfao @lovin- sounds so much like me =D haha. vampire diaries FTW btw =]


    ok ladies i am so confused right now. I took an HPT yesterday and got a very faint BFP!!!! I was so excited to take one this morning and see if it got darker (POAS addict) and guess what…huge BFN! I am so bummed…what is going on?



    Kathy, I would just POAS otherwise you will stress out more about it staring at you. You never know it may be a BFP. Good luck


    Today I also have a stomach ache!



    I’m honestly looking forward to next week. My AF will be here! My whole body hurts and I’m emotional. Then it will be closer to my next ovulation time! yay!


    xweegeex-happy birthday to you!
    amcmom-I hope you get your BFP by Christmas:)
    wanna-I really hope you get your BFP soon! I didn’t know you had been trying for 8 months already.
    Finally got a true pos on my OPK yesterday and BD with my DH last night. From reading weegee’s post we’ll have to BD tonight, tomorrow and then again on Saturday! I am so glad you know what is going on weegee.



    haha, yah I imagine when the time draws near I’ll be POAS every day! I bought a 50 pack of strips off ebay :O. Did you have a good pregnancy? Was your first trimester pretty good or were you quite sick?



    gah why is this taking SOO long, we have been TTC for almost a yr now. my cycles are usually 28 days on the dot. my period was due yesterday and no sign of AF…hopin this is the cycle!! we are going off island on tues or weds, and if AF hasn’t arrived by then i will do a HPT. they are so expensive here, the off brand ones are 15 on the island! so ill wait til weds..i don’t wanna waste money if im not pregnant. i don’t mind wasting a dollar on a dollar store one lol well baby dust to all! and merry christmas!!



    CONGRATS SHELLB!!!! :):):)



    thank you guys!!! im still actually shaking!!! Ry thanx girl!! Myboogy iv had a lot of creamy cm & 1 day it was watery, dont know if this was around implantation time…..but my lower back is killin me & im starving all the time & crying all the time! All the things that happened right away wen i was pg with dd… in so much shock atm lol i dont wanna leave here, ill miss u guys……!


    i have tried to talk to him all calmly and he just said he wants to enjoy the two we have for now. I even tried crying in front of him but he wasnt bugging. I told him i wanted our kids all to be close. Our two now are 13 month apart and they are inseperable and thats how i want the next one to be with them pluse if i wait longer thats a year or two longer i ahve to wait to go back to school i am not trying to sound selffish or anything but i have to make a life for myself outside of my kids. He just dosnt understand how badly i want this all he sees is the financal side of it which is funny because we have no proublems with momey. Maybe i will go poke holes in all the condoms and say oops when i get my BFP lol.



    AF not due until 1.1.11, but cant resist testing, got a BFN. i have lost hope this cycle. congrats to all who got their BFP.



    Wow it took a good long time to catch up! LOL! talks1nmaths…hey! How’s it going? I thought for a moment you might be crazy like some of the rest of us TTC already! LOL! Saza – Yay sounds like a great chance this month for you! Your chart looks fantastic!!!!! Gabezbabe – Heeeeeeyyyy!!!! So glad to know I’m not the only one with a 4/5 month old in here and going for another!!!

    #6865933 the green stick the opk?? Do you get pos opk’s if your pg? Your not helping with my new



    1st – if you hate winter, maybe I’m not the one to live with haha, I hear Vancouver or TO is pretty mild, here in YK we get ridiculous temps in Dec-Jan, I’m talking like -50°C (-69°F) I wonder why the **** I’m still here sometimes! 😀

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