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    Im going to test everyday for sure and keep beding. I need to take my mind off of it but its hard i cant. this is going to be a long couple of weeks



    Just wanted to share something with you girls TTC…..don’t put too much pressure on yourself to BD all the time. Me & DH on BD’ed 3 times this last month on CD 10, 14 & 18 and I still got my BFP. After CD 18 I just was not in the mood and felt too tired and cold to be bothered to BD (maybe an early pregnancy symptom?!). Rember, sperm can live for several days inside your body, I’m sure that’s what happened with me.



    I really am laughing out loud at my computer at you girls. I really might actually be bummed to leave work in an hour!



    I forgot to say that we did BD Last Sat. and Sun.



    well ladies, I will tlyl! I have to go hop in the shower as I have A LOT of running around to do.. have aGREAT DAY!



    im between 4-5 dpo and im have creamy cm never had it this much



    Today I went to the doctor and she pulled some more blood and my hcg was 186 today at around 10am but was 174 yesterday at around 6pm. She is calling it a threatened m/s because she thinks i may not be as far along in the pregnancy as I thought. Since your due date is calculated by your last period and not by when you conceived. She did and internal and said the blood was old blood and that my cervix is still hard and closed. We are doing a wait and see thing I go back 6/16 for an exam and an ultrasound. I am not having any pain or cramping so we will see.



    onlyoneill ~ I am on cd 6 and AF is completely gone for sure today. This month we are just going to try BD every other day because I have no idea when I will O, and If I don’t get my BFP this month I will be buying a O kit nest month and giving it a try. I am just hoping that my AF stays regular now because she has been all messed up since I quit BFing.



    Now I sound like a sook. 15 is cold. lol.



    hello everyone. i am just here looking for moral support. i am in a situation where we were hoping for pregnancy and we tried on day 10 of my cycle (2 days prior to my expected ovulation). well, my partner has since ended our relationship, which came as a huge shock under the circumstances. i can’t test for about a week yet, but had to see 2 docs due to a bv infection and anemia. even the docs say it is too early to know. i have some early signs but realize they could also be pms. regardless of the relational issue i am excited at the possibility. however, i have endo and have had 2 miscarriages in the past – so i am very scared and in all this alone. i’d really appreciate some support.


    If your seeing a line after not seeing one on previous tests than I say that you just may be preggo! You are testing early and without knowing which brand of test your using its hard to say if they are giving you false positives. I had a few of what I thought were those in the past and was told a false + may very well be a chemical pg or one in which the materials are there but the housing aint ready yet (the fertilized egg doesnt take hold for what ever reason. There are many drs who say that a lg majority of women have them but dont know it because unless you are dying to get pg you may not test early or at all. I had one m/c that I tested -, started af when it was due, took left over test after af ended and it was BF+, but on u/s there was a disolving yolk sac. So you are more likely to see a false – then a +. BUT there are also some tests known for colored evap lines making you think its + but Ive never come across that problem with the tests I use.



    man some people are so rude, told a friend who is like 13 weeks or so along that got another bfn and AF and that we’re gonna try temping OPK’s and all that and she was like oh my god, you are effing crazy just don’t do any of that dont’ think about it and it’ll happen, which I guess is like saying don’t stress but.. I tried don’t think about it and it didn’t happen, and with the clomid, I need to think about it because I need to time things right, also what days do you ladies think I should take it, had a 30 day cycle this time with it and had taken it on days 3-7.



    I have heard of some fertility drugs giving a false positive. But the HPT’s list which drugs might do that in the instructions. I remember reading that but I don’t remember which drugs it was.


    monica..this is my 7th month. I was having really long cycles so dr decided clomid may help speed things up. This is my first round!



    haha that is SO funny, my hubby has threatened to, but I dont think he has yet……wait, maybe i should go check!! hahaha

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