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    Thank you sunflower, i remember we had ours right around the same time..I am starting to get a little more excited, i hope the next few days my tests keep getting darker & i can call & make my 1st appt! =] Maybe tomorrow i’ll even pop in the weekly forums lol..its just not sinking in yet!



    im thinking about getting a blood test done at the dr’s maybe u should too! sounds like we feel about the same? lol. i feel like ive been hit by a truck…im exausted and sore all over.


    loopy..that’s right..well you still have time to get a clear BFP!


    SEMPER: Hey I was wondering about you..The last 2 mornings Ive been so nauseas I almost threw up in my car! Both times were between 6-630 (am), sunday morning I was still in the parking lot at work and then this morning I was posting on here but I was sitting in my driveway…I also noticed that when changing the residents I care for I have to leave when BM is involved. Ive worked in daycare and other facilities and have only experienced this one other time: a little over 14 years ago when I was pg with the ds…Hmmmmm……



    I have been cramping so much and have lower back pain I ovaluted on Sunday is this normal.



    Is it bad to be drinking coffee while TTC? I know I have to cut down when I get blessed with a BFP, but is it ok to be having it while trying?



    Crazy3 – I heard the blue dye ones can be hard to read…If you think it’s + then I wouldn’t be able to control myself, I would HAVE to go to the store! I have no self control. Lol!



    Ahhh! I see! The key is that you’re only taking it for 5 days. The article I read was talking about daily dietary impact.



    Im considering testing tomorrow, but i dont know if i should wait till later in the week…….what to you ladies think? i had spotting last wednesday till friday just very light pinkish browinish and friday took test BFN. now AF is officially late but i am scared to test again too soon. Do you think if my spotting last week was impantation bleeding that i should be able to test tomorrow? or should i tryand stick it out? this is driving me crazy!



    wannabeamum try aspirin worked on my cold headaches



    So confused!!! My last period starting either March 3/4. 28-day cycle means I am late 1/2 days. No sign of AF, and BFN!!!



    CONGRATS CHRISSI!!!!! *crosses fingers for sticky baby!!* 🙂



    congrats steph! beachbumsnk i knw what ya mean about the whole stress thing i packed everything in this month last month we bd’d all the right days used cbfm cb digi opks preseed temps u name it we did it and it still didnt happen …so this mnth the opks went in the bin ive not been temping and i have barely been on here compared to normal i just think it all gives ya more thngs to stress about i have had to go and look at my calendar to see what cd i am thats how laid back ive beenand thats a big deal to me! and i have to say hubs has been alot happier that im not acting like a freak haha ive been scheduled for bloods to be done on cd21 so other than that im not thinking about ttc and hoping that it helps with me being more relaxed



    I hope this is a sticky bun in the oven for you Joy-S



    Too many I’m cd5 start ttc on fri . I always thought we clomid ladies release eggs very early on but I’m sure last month it was around cd20. Im doing ovulation strips this month fx for all

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