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    Hi all, just thought I’d drop in and say G’day from Aus! TTC here for number 4, but no great rush, just taking our time as I’m still BF my son who is nearly 10 mths. I’ve been reading some of the latest posts, how hard is it to work out what our bodies are trying to tell us!
    Feel free to drop by my page and say hi, I get on twice a day when my bub is sleeping. Lots of baby dust to all!



    @Sunflower, The same thing happened to me 2 months ago. I went twice (one friday and one on a tuesday) to get my blood work. On Monday I started top spot, I went to get the second blood test done anyway and unfortunately my hcg levels dropped. The Dr. told me it was a chemical pregnancy. I hope things are different for you!! Good luck with your blood work!



    Yeah Meliss! So I forgot my soy this morning it was in my hand and I got in the car and it was gone. I normally take it in the morning. Ahh what should I do? I’m on cd 6 and only had today and tomorrow left taking it.


    Wow, just looking back at my blog from last cycle, and when I started my AF, I think I O on CD20 instead on 18, as my LP was what I thought 16days, but maybe it was 14days, and my egg was released 48hrs after my OPK, if this was the case then I know for sure we missed the egg as the last time we BD was on CD17. Obv ill never know now lol but glad I started temping 🙂


    Thanks guys for your help. This month I Think i will use Temperature method to see if I am O-ing.

    Im just so worried because now I have stopped my Contraceptive pill to get my periods right and now I am leaving my body to do all the work. Inside ive given up on my body because of my rubbish year I have had with lack of periods. BUT ever the optimist I will buy a Ovulating monitor kit for NEXT month. Then the first day of my AF i can put it in to the monitor and hopefully get some results.

    Im just soooo praying for AF next month to get me on track so I can get down to some serious baby making.

    I never had an issue with my daughter as i conceived on the pill so ive never gone through this stress of TTC. Good luck all xoxoxox and again thanks for your lovely comments



    Congrats Adalynnsmommy & Suzm!! OMG all these BFP today!!! Crazzzyyy!



    aww 🙂 thanks saza!!! same for u 😉


    Thank girls ! Yes they are HPT’s sorry I didnt say that. I am thinking that I need to call my dr. I am going to try and not take another try for a couple more days – The last time this happened it was a chemical pregnancy.



    thanks for sharing TBT!?! 🙂



    congrats Linzp!!! So happy for you!!! XXX



    Ohhhhhh Canadaaaaaaaaaa! Yes indeed, HAPPY CANADA DAY to my fellow Canadians 🙂 Let’s go make some patriotic babies!! lol It’s also Memorial Day, so a BIG THANKS to those who fought for freedom and lost their lives, and to those currently serving – Canada had a pretty big presence in Afghanistan right now – THINKING OF YOU ALL!


    LK we are very close… as i just said i have a 24 day cycle and im on cd 6 (haha it just turned midnight so it is 6 now) we an be cycle buddies!!!



    i guess eveyone is getting ready to party


    LKDream – I’m sending you a huge load of sticky baby dust!!! Sorry if TMI but do you stay laying down after BD with pillow under hips? Seems to be such a simple thing which a lot of ladies miss out.



    momof 2 – I hope they go away…maybe I just ate too much last night!!! HAHAHA!!! 🙂

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