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    Yay congrats Sarah!!! Wow at 10 dpo too!!!



    Sarah, will you be getting a quantitative hCG done this week? With your light bleeding a couple of weeks back that might have actually been ovulation – I see a temp dip a few days back – that might be implantation. Then again, the bleeding way back might have been implantation, but you would think your test would be darker. The beta hCG and an u/s will give you more answers, but you had a mystery cycle for sure!



    I know exactly where that is! I forget the road name but it leads to obt! We have to go to the fl hosp every 6 months for my son logans surgerys and fam is over there, we wanted to move that way but work is in tampa as well as my mom and dad!


    I read somewhere that once you concieve that your BBT stays high does anyone know if it is true? Be casue mine has been really low last few days


    LKDream- I have had big sugar cravings and got my BFP!!



    Today I am sure I am 2 dpo, but when I just went to the bathroom I had a super load of EWCM, which I thought was crazy since I didn’t have any when I got my positive OPK or the few days following. My temps are rising, so I’ll assume the OPK is right but my body is acting so weird, may have to BD tonight just in case.


    1medic2- Poiz said that the dollar store test gave her a bfn but the frer gave her a bfp.



    ♥ As for baby fat on ‘curvy’ girls. I didnt have a job when we moved out to California last year so I just sat on my butt doing nada. I’m 5’5-5’6 and I ballooned to 230lbs, NOT PREGNANT. I’ve always been a heavy girl but not THAT heavy. And I hide it well. I’m big chested and I have the unflattering ‘ Kangaroo Pouch’. So the right pair of Jeans and the nice long shirt, you’d never know I was over 200lbs. Well when I got pregnant, the nausea and the vomitting was soo bad, I lost 30lbs in the first 3months. I was soo sick skinney. After the nausea and vomitting calmed down, I started gaining weight again. I gained those 30lbs right back during my whole pregnancy but it only went to my stomach. So for once I got to be the cute skinny girl with the baby bump. lol. I loved it, because I could wear tight shirts and not hear ‘ Ooo, she don’t need to be wearing that ‘ but instead ‘ Awww, look how big your baby bump is getting’. I lost 23lbs after the baby was born, but I just found out I gained 3 more. So now that Im ‘Good to go ‘ Im gonna start exercising. Everyones pregnancy is different though. With my first baby. I gained 25-30lbs…ALL OVER…I was HUGE!!! lol. I hope you get to be one of those cute baby bumped girls…minus all the vomitting to get there or course 🙂 ♥ Jenn ♥



    Kitten, looks like it might be a positive to me how many dpo are you? And id test again in the am with fmu.
    YAY hoping get bd!



    Sorry Chica 🙁 not sure, they don’t have it at the WalMart here (that I have seen) I just read about it on



    Not yet. I will be by morning if AF doesn’t show. I have never had this long of a cycle. According to my temps and my tests I clearly O’d on cd14-15. I’ve been spotting, the brown old blood, nothing on a pad, only when checking my cervix. OMG, I think I am getting a sick feeling. UGH, I probably won’t be able to sleep. I was truly hoping AF would get here. I lost our last one @ 7w2d, and have been trying since Jan. And before that we tried for 16months.



    When am I gonna learn to not even mention ttc on the baby boards? All it does is lead to getting a bunch of advice from people about how I need to stop trying and it will happen, blah, blah, blah! These are OBVIOUSLY people that had no problems getting pregnant and they think it’s that way for everyone and that we’re actually PREVENTING getting pregnant by trying?!!! Funny, then why didn’t I get pregnant all those years I was preventing?! It’s like people don’t believe that there are REAL medical problems that make it difficult to conceive. It can’t be possible that someone doesn’t ovulate because everyone ovulates, right? Surely a man can’t have sperm issues because every sperm is perfect, right? Surely no women has blocked tubes because that just doesn’t happen, right? F-ing idiots! GRRRRRRRR!



    lil pigz….that sucks! darn! i’m bummed out for you. momtoAbi, that could be implantation. With DD, i had ‘a one day period’ for which i only needed one tampon. turns out, it was implantation. yesterday i say i had dark spotting. I actually was checking CM internally & what i saw was a brown (old blood) tinged mucous thing…about the size of a penny (apologies for the tmi). For me, it’s anything goes, just wait & see….interesting times, huh?



    princess – I hate the pg points, they build up as you get closer to AF, and you get more with symptoms like nausea or dizziness etc.. it’s so easy to get so excited to see like 90 pg points, just to get AF 🙁 someone here mentioned before that they had like 20 pg points when they got their BFP, so I try not to look at the pg points 🙂



    Sorry turtle and mommi that af showed up, and turtle hope the sore throat is better…i hate side effects. Dh and I had a great time, bought some art, won a few hundred at the casino and spent lots of quality time catching up with our best friends. It was really nice but missed my little Maddy terribly this morning and couldn’t wait to see her. Dh has surgery in the am to have hardware removes from his leg…af is due Friday..this is taking forever and I am not sure I feeling symptoms of pg now. Well, I’ve got to be at the hospital early so goodnight all!

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