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    Lol good luck pink!!! My DH is soooo into deadliest catch too! I bet he’s watching the Marathon right now while I’m at work!



    right, forgot you have longer cycles, sorry Chica. I would use 1 opk a day until CD 24, 25. then switch to 2 a day


    Good for you Lil there are soo many women that over 35 and have perfectly healthy babies. I just wish my parents would be on board with us 🙁
    That hurt sO much! I guess they don’t see the joy and love for children like we all do. I was an opps my mom said and is not the motherly type so explains alot.



    d, when was that? i had my test when i was 1 month 1 day and mine was 1543….you cannot be that low



    omg pinkie! are you ok? Geez! why would anyone do that??



    dsquare, yep, my first too and i actually called the dr, she said tylenol for pain only if really needed is fine, fish oil is good but stay on a1 a day for now. i even emailed the company that made it and they confirm the info w/me. we shold have the appoint right away so we could get all our questions answer. haaaa



    I’m a full time highschoool teacher and just finished my reams of report cards last night … now I have time to relax (as much as anyone can relax with a 1 yr old and 2 teenagers) and enjoy a pregnancy – and spend more time on this site – so BRING IT ON!!! 😀


    hey diane! did you get the pics I sent ya???



    Meganh, sometime u can have ovulation bleeding, it is normal!


    o yeah…my normal super b*tch comes out the day before af…every month!!! No sign of her today though…actualy a bit more creamy cm this am. Though i did read on here that someone…i forget who…had like a 23 day cycle?? Whoever that was…it happened to me 3 cycles ago. 23 days…weird. Obgyn said it just happens sometimes!



    hey ladies been busy today buh here are my symps jus incase i do get a bfp which i am prayin i do i have been havin sum new signs i havent had b4 soo hopefully all is good , sore bbs yesterday pullin achy pain around belly button nd bottom of stomach today diff cm smelly (srry tmi) very sleepy nd tired irritated can any1 tell me if they have gotten a bfp wit simlar ?



    Thanks Ladies!



    Hey ladies, I’m bummed out too. I know I am only 7-8DPO and I as well joined the POAS party, and got a BFN!!!! damn! lol. Now every tingle, cramp, cringe, Im hoping its implantation pain. Am I just being crazy? I dont want to set myself up for failure. When do you think is safe to re-test? I dont want to just keep upsetting myself with BFN, but I know I cant make it till AF to test again! Please help this crazy girl out! lol



    kelly-roo – that’s reassuring, it’s so easy to be scared to eat anything! I’m scared to eat, scared to shower (hot water) scared to play any sports (falling), scared to do anything at all right now!

Viewing 15 posts - 70,711 through 70,725 (of 131,346 total)

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