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    well ladies it is 3:32pm and AF was meant to show today…no sign of the cow yet…I tested this morning and I got a BFN and discarded it (before the 10 min mark) now looking at it again I can see a faint coloured line (I am assuming it is evaporation as it is about 10hrs since the test this morning)…so my plan is this wait to see if AF shows her ugly head if not I’ll test again in a week.



    LOL Clara…enjoy your evening (wink)!! Toomany…a few cycles ago my AF would hang around for 10 days or so – very frustrating. Hope she leaves soon for ya. Chin up Bustin i’m an older try’er aswell 🙂 ….what is a hsg test ?



    I checked a website to find out when I was ovulating & it said:

    I was ovulating from June 17th- June 20th. I had sex June 16th. So could the sperm stay alive long enough to fertilize the egg the next day?? If I had sex a whole day before I was ovulating (& I got a tank full..if you know what I mean) could there be a chance that I might be pregnant??



    Hello ladies, Cd 9 for me today and I just got my opks in the mail yesterday. I’ll start testing tomorrow. The other day when going through old things I found the chart for when I conceived my son and the list of symptoms. I’ll be able to use it this time around as a comparison. I’m sure things will be different a second time around. On another note I’ve got to go to the dentist tomorrow and I’m soooo not looking forward to it. I know I have a cavity because I’ve been having small pains. I’m just NOT looking forward to having a filling, that needle is the worst I’ve ever had! Yes worst then all the ones I’ve had through pregnancy and labour too. I hope that things will start to look up for many of you. I’m sending tones of baby dust and hugs because I’m sure some of you need it. Have a great day!



    OK, so I tried to find out my CP for the first time ever. So I either have short fingers or my cervix is hiding.



    praying…take a test. A week late is plenty of time to pick it up on a test.



    kenzie – I had those same symptoms too last month. I didn’t ever find an explanation but I got AF 4 days later. Maybe it’s the hormones leading up to AF. I about yaked eating chicken and later that night AF showed her head. If no AF in a couple days test again.



    Suzm, I FRIGGIN KNEW IT!!!!!! Congrats Hun! How many DPO are you?



    C: I’d say you’re on the pregnancy success track for sure!


    Fallen angel could have been a chemical pregnancy perhaps. Your body had some hcg that you picked up on with the couple of tests but the pregnancy didn’t mature far enough to keep getting positives? I would wait a couple days and buy a better ept like a first response or something. Good luck hon! Speaking of pregnancy tests, which website does everyone use to buy the cheap opk’s and hpt’s in bulk for cheap? I have some from but I’m not a huge fan of them. I live in Canada. Any other good sites I should check out?



    c – LOL Yeah, overshare. 🙂



    Congrats linzp &december h&h 9 months to u both



    megan – Yeah, I’m thinking that too, but I’m going on Clomid next cycle so I don’t want to ruin my chances of conceiving during the few cycles my doc will prescribe the Clomid. So I don’t know if I should take a break from ttc and lose weight (I really don’t want to do this) or lose weight while ttc or just continue ttc and wait until after I have a baby to lose weight (providing, of course, that I ever get pregnant). I’m overweight, but not obese.



    well I guess my eyes were playing tricks on me =( I tested this AM with FMU and didn’t got a BFN. AF is due tomorrow, better luck next month I suppose!
    I have always had a low sex drive. I was raped when I was in my early teens and have been struggling with depression through out my teenage years and even up until about a year ago. I have been doing better but still no drive! As women we do have a lot on our plates and I can certainly see how stress could effect us!! It’s in our nature to take on everything around the house, with kids, and most of the time with friends and family as well.



    emma u should be fine 🙂 haha coming from me- i was drunk yesterday before supper 🙂 haha long story, read my blog if u wish!!! good luck hun!!

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