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    tarajo – you need to have a decent supply of pregnancy hormone going to have actual pregnancy symptoms. At 6 DPO, the eggo would just barely have implanted, or may not have even implanted yet. When we are TTC our brain can really convince our bodies we are already pregnant, giving us actual symptoms! Not saying you are not pregnant by any means, as you very well may be, but if you POAS and get a BFN, don’t be surprised – it’s very early! Testing at 10 DPO or later is much more reliable, even with the most sensitive tests.



    My dd ate so much cake her belly is stretched to the max and her innie is now an outie. On another note I wish it was a week out so I could test i’m a poas addict once 11 dpo comes around.



    Ah ha!! it is ‘ALT’ then 12 at the same time!



    So if I catch this egg my EDD is march 2nd which is my baby brothers birthday! I so hope I catch this egg! Good luck ladies! I think we would have better luck if we all grabed the baby dust tree and shook the crap out of it at the same time!!! BABY DUST TO ALL|



    It honestly isn’t bad. The hsg, I mean. There’s horror stories all over the internet so it’s best if you don’t go researching it and just go do it with a nice healthy dose of pain reliever in your system. Expect discomfort and cramping, but nothing like your worst af cramps (I don’t cramp much at all and I had felt much worse).



    omg trying for the last month to conceive my second and I must be extremly fertile as 10 DPO and just got my BFP!!!!!
    Baby dust to all of you who are still waiting to find out and congrats to all that got their bfp as well:)



    Actaually I had taken a break from TTC when I got preggo. I just charted my temps and went on with my day and boom I got my BFP



    in the ICU every now & then a senile little old lady or man would try to swing at us for administering various types of nursing care, but either they didn’t really hit too hard or missed…it wasn’t that big of a deal where i worked. In nursing school, i saw a psyche nurse get crunched by a crazy big guy…& decided right there on the spot that i didnt have the nerve to do psyche nursing


    BabyBoom…I am 7dpo today. We are kind of close. When is af due?



    Mileysmommy08, I know how you feel. They found a testicular cyst in my husband last year. I was devastated. They had to do tests to make sure it wasn’t cancer, and to see if they thought he would be able to continue to have children. It turned out to be something that he can learn to live with, and aside from pain occasionally. Wait until they do additional testing before you give yourself a heart attack. I know it’s hard but stay positive for him, I’m sure he’s really scared too. Prayers and love your way♥



    and4eva – that def looks positive to me. I would count it. baby – good luck with your testing later. I can’t wait to hear your results. cnjs – I’m sorry you are feeling down. I don’t feel anything either other than the cramping so hopefully that is ok. This is very hard. michellelaughs – are you going to test again tomorrow? rebecca – thank you for sharing your experience. It gives me hope that I will join you soon.



    So I took the other EPT this morning… and it was a BSP (haha, big Skinny positive. cus it was a very faint line…. so Im being skeptical, but the line was blue and not gray or purple so i don’t think its an evap line…) I’m going to get some FRER though and take one later and tomorrow and we’ll see 🙂 Hopefully its a true positive! Good luck to anyone else hoping for a BFP today. I gotta go- celebrating DDs 3rd birthday today with the family.


    spunky…did you do a htp??



    Af is coming. I thought i would be so sad. But i am good that it is coming in on time. So will be trying in July.



    dsquared–the babies are super cute! I’ve never seen an U/S photo ‘firsthand’ of twins and this is just incredible! How did you suspect you were having two before the u/s??

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