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    I am getting my AF symptoms (tiny cramps below bikini line, aches in bb’s, bloating and craving salty food) really early. I am only on CD21 and they started yesterday. Is that normal for AF symptoms to come that early and I just never noticed it? I always thought they came 4 or 5 days before AF. BTW, I am on a 29 day cycle.


    I think today is CD 21…..that fertility friend moves up a day if im online late at night, guess its a different time zone than me,,,,,,,,,confusing!

    This afternoon I checked CP, and it was 1 knuckle…..way low and very firm, like my nose…….So I am getting excited, I think i finally had a 28 day cycle this month! The first day i had EWCM was the day my 28 day cycle chart said would be my first fertile day, with O on the 28th/Sunday, which is the 2nd day i had EWCM…Im getting anxious…..

    Symptoms im having, PMS like: i got a pimple today, my hips have been aching for a couple days, very emotional/crying fits the past 3 days now, craving Taco Bell. So all signs sound like AF to me, but only time will tell…..Hope I BD on the good days, i wasn’t very good in that dept this last couple weeks, been too tired (the holidays ya know) I did BD on the 25th/1st day of EWCM and watery/slippery CM…..But haven’t kept track since….So I can’t remember what other days I BD……Hopefully a lucky BOY sperm caught my egg and ferilized and is implanting as we speak. Wish me luck! I wish y’all luck!

    Hugs and sticky baby dust!*********************************



    Congrats on the BFP!! Yeah! I start the testing process tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed.


    Thanky Dawn. You’re the best. Your soup has my mouth watering. I’m going to have to go fix something before I go to work now. LOL



    CD31 and still no signs of AF!!! That WITCH better get moving!! Good luck to all those on the TWW. I think we all need to get into a baby dust fight to boost up that BFP!



    Yeah. So thats the big tip with it. If you are dry or not getting much CM around your fertile period by all means get it, use it, works great, don’t use as much as the bottle says! just a tiny bit goes a long ways! But if you have a pretty good CM naturally I’d recommend not using it. Now that just sits there in a drawer because…. yeah like I said I’m a Niagara Falls gal lol



    congrats azeeza!!!!



    Mendy-How wonderful! I am smiling really BIG for you!


    well my last day to take provera was sunday now i just started so guess i will start my clomid tomorrow…..yippieee lets c how this cycle goes im excited yay!!!! Good luck to everyone!!!



    Good morning Ruby!!



    So sorry tlee! Isn’t it the worst feeling…i’ve taken probably 10 tests over the past few months and all BFN…I’m trying to have the attitude of making it fun. Since i’ve never ‘tried’ before so far it has been a little fun. Of course there is always the hopes that are let down each month you get a BFN. Guess it just means another month of fun for me..I won’t be saying that if it takes more than 6-12 months..I know many of you have been already trying for a long time. My heart goes out to you! Good luck again dear ladies!



    Hi, cherry! Hi, storm! 🙂



    Damnkat–Ha! I’m CD28 and just got a pos opk 2 days ago! I doubt I’m actually O’ing, but bding just in case! Negative preggo test yesterday, AF due to show up the 30th, so I guess we just wait and see. Hang in there girl! (And good job with all the bding lol)



    Hello ladies, its been a couple months since ive been on. Really didnt want to get back on after i had a M/C and i couldnt get a BFP but kept on seeing everyone else get theirs. It hurt a little but now i have other come that.
    How is everyone doing?



    Thanks janinem, I just spoke with my doctor and he said the same thing. Let’s hope that nothing is wrong and I am just having implantation bleeding. This waiting game is so hard.

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