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    i have cut down with smoking and the last couple of days i was getting sick from the tase of a smoke!! I got a very faint BFP this morning! Hope its a sign for you.



    Ok i had to leave cuz im cryin so hard but diane is right- sending positive feeling vibes across the site! i love u diane! stay strong sweetie we are all here for u!


    xwee….fingers crossed for you! yes OB said I could come in tomorrow and get a blood PG test and if it’s neg start provera ( to force af) I’m a little hesitant because I worry that there’s always that chance of an egg that just hasn’t implanted yet. After AF starts I will take Cloimd for the first time to shorten my cycle . What do you think about taking provera? She also said it can make some women have very strong PMS which I would have to warn by hubby about (depression , cramps etc.)


    Sarah~ Sounds like old blood??? Im with Diane did you get bloodwork done ??? Im confused cuz I thought your Dr said you were preggers???


    quick question – dont know if this sounds stupid but would having the flu or being sick in general effect a preg test??


    Welcome spunkymoon =)



    its sounding really good, especially the fact that the bleeding was only brown spotting & more like a discharge & that it only lasted 2 days 😀 😀 i think u should re-test 🙂



    any felt tired or headachs lite cramps around dpo3/4???



    horrible headache today, think I’m 1dpo today as cm dried up this morning



    hey ladies!!! just popping in for a quick minute 🙂 been super duper busy, AF is gone and we havent had much ‘alone’ time but im not due to O til next weekend ( roughly) dont even know where im at in my cycle anymore lol PUT A FEW PICS UP!!! check em out, miss u all and hope ur all doing fantastic, i know i am 😀 much love xoxox



    H3y ladies ! Let me update u guys so last week got a bfn 4t the doctors so my doc startd me on provera this is my 3rd day 2day very excited I have never been excited to start af ! Lol smh ButT…. its a start to success on ttc , I been soo busy wedding planning so wish me luck ladies I get married in less than 23days r so =)so busy busy me



    Congratulations to shellb on your BFP!


    Hiya guys ((((wave)))))) So was Xwe the only Christmas bfp??????? Have I missed any others? it has b een PSYCHO CRAZY these past few days. Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas. I am 9 dpiui today, feeling well kinda normal, tender boobs, tired, but its the holidays, and could be my progesterone. I plan on testing tommorow, although part of me is scared to, funny, most times I cant WAIT-but part of my really wants to hold out til Wednesday -so I can enjoy, or pack it in, rather than wonder? Ill see how I feel tomorrow.



    yeah tbt it was like 3-5 mins i could see it but it never got any darker within the rest of the time



    Loopy- makeup BD’ing is always good! Sometimes I will pick a fight, just for the makeup BD!!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 71,671 through 71,685 (of 131,346 total)

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