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    saz, i agree bc pills and me did not mix,,i too would suffer long cycles than take those pills,,


    MommyWifey…im in the 2WW too. i ovulated yesterday, and we have BDed the last 3 nights too..donno bout i wanna roll over and sleep HAHAHA. FX for us..I really hope we have caught that egg 🙂



    I’m not leaving guys until I get a definite BFP! I hope that’s ok with you all. I just don’t want to get my hopes up yet. My breasts still slightly hurt and itch though. I guess we’ll see tomorrow when I test again. I don’t have any other symptoms other than that today. Although, I did get nauseous when I took the pizza out of the oven today…



    TTC – My dr said you count day 1 as the first day of proper bleeding where you need to use a tampon.

    Anna, I had to use that to with my son. It is really aweful, fxxxx your cycle steadies soon and you can get your next BFP!

    Babydust to you all!!



    Dee there should be a drop down box that has all the abbrevs used. Poas means , pee on a stick. And cd means cycle day


    MOMIIB- I’m definitely no expert as this is the first month I’ve ever had positive OPK’s, but I can tell you what my experience was. I tested around 4:30 Thursday afternoon as I was having some funky cramping and got a positive OPK, then tested again around 9 that evening and had an even darker positive. I was really surprised since I hadn’t even expected to O this month. I tested again the next morning and still had a super dark positive. By around 5 that evening though, there was basically no line at all. So, it seems the surge comes and goes quickly, but not so quickly that you couldn’t catch it if you’re testing daily. I hope this was at least some help. Good luck!! 🙂



    Goodluck coco!



    so excited, got a faint BFP on sunday 9dpo,almost didn’t beleive my eyes! but low and behold it keeps getting darker! Just hopinh it sticks! good luck to everyone!



    Hello cd 40. Getting about annoyed now. + I am going to kill this bloody new dog I tell ya!



    Kristy sounds promising!



    CD 12 and my chart temps are bugging me! lol. They are just going so crazy!


    Thank you all for your support. This site is wonderful. All of you are amazing. I am not as upset this morning. We will be trying again this month. I am going to try temping this month. Veganmommy.. congratulations!! I am so happy for you. Hopefully next month we all get our bfp!! Sorry to all the ones who started or got bfn. Good luck to all and lots of baby dust to everyone!!



    thats a good sign then! lets hope your AF stays away and on sunday you get a BFP!!! :0).


    Thank you goingfornumber3 i really hope for bfp and its not mind games. I would cry if af does come because she is always, always on time every month



    Oh god anna, hopefully ur bub isn’t that big hehe how big were you? My bf was 6lb and I was 5lb, his daughter was 6lb and ours was 8lb.

Viewing 15 posts - 71,866 through 71,880 (of 131,346 total)

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