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    CD 6 – nothing to report, I actually can’t wait to get to the tww lol time is really dragging in..suppose I have the BDing to look forward to 😛 hehe!



    Question: AF flow a week ago today (feb 9th). She was 4-5 days overdue. We aren’t getting test strips for a couple of months so I am going strictly off this site on when I am most likely to ovulate. But my question is how do I count my cycle days? Normally I am on a 29 day cycle but since I was so late this month it put me around 33 day cycle. So do I go off my usual 29 or do I go of the 33? Husband thinks since I jsut had my Mirena removed in Dec and this was only my 2nd cycle since the removal that my body is still readjusting and so I may not have an actual cycle length yet. Thoughts?


    hey ladies got some good news, later on todasy off to DR to have a blood test to check all my hornones and see if im pregnant shows up in a blood test and my resukts should come back the dsay i move (friday) so please everyone FX and send baby dust. how are you all today xx



    Praying – CD1 is when your flow starts is what the docs told me. 🙂



    not sure if any of you ladies read my last blog. I was wondering about dreams when you are expecting. I had a so real one lastnight that I was holding my child (yet I don’t have one) and it felt so real I could even smell the baby smell when I woke up. Could this mean something?


    I’ll be testing with you on the 15th Amanda!!!



    Tryingforonemore- I would say positive. It does seem faint though. I have used dollar tree test tons over the years and have never gotten a evaporation line. I have had them smear after like an hour sitting though. (smear like a whole big circle- only test to ever do that to me) . Good luck. Waiting sucks!!!!!!



    Seeg – it will be WAY too early to detect pregnancy. HCG doesn’t show up until after implantation which doesn’t usually occur until between CD20-24(on a 28 day cycle) so because you ovulated late, you won’t even start to have the HCG for at LEAST another week. Just be patient! Your mind can play nasty tricks on your body!



    yeah spotting got messier this morning but has died off this afternoon,, its been on and off for 6 days,,this also happened when i fell pg last cycle..yup still temping,, it has not dropped it has maintained…my lines are pretty much not there any more,, so tomorrow fmu will tell me yes i am pg or no af is on her way.



    Oh no coco hope not 🙁 when are u due? X



    I told her to go to emgerancy think she’s waiting now. Wouldn’t suprise me is she is the way she was always drunk, me and df always used to comment on how she’s out drunk all the time when she’s got a kid. im not mates with her she’s on my facebook, we used to date the same guy in high school (not at the same time) haha



    Seeg yes 1dpo. An yes you can get pregnant whilst being ill or if already pregnant you could still remain pregnant just rest and keep hydrated the most important thing. Best of luck xxx



    good luck duffy :))



    Appointment in a few hours!! Ahhhhh!



    anyone 3 week and 4 days preg?

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