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    lucky~ I love the name Forrest!!! I wanted that for my boy middle name but hubby doesn’t agree


    Ok ladies need some advice – Im on CD and OH BD’d last night and today I have been having minor cramps and then when I went to the toilet there now there was light pink when I wiped..kinda feels like AF is coming again..feel very confused..anyone have this before??



    Gator is right – seems you don’t process hCG in your urine very well. A blood test will ease your mind. Good luck!



    Eve-yes I am kind of a lil nervous too



    Shelly – Lots of babydust!! I hope everything works out.



    my temp have been up then dipped for 7 dpo and 8 dpo and now are up high again im 9 dpo and have lots of creamy cm, bbs feel sore every now and then, i sometimes feel like throwing up and a little dizzy.



    lilysmumma – how long were you on the shot?



    sorry that ur still getting bfn damn….:(


    Fourth, I JUST LAUGHED SO HARD! Little spratcus on the play ground!

    Next time DH suggests something crazy like that Im going to say that to him!

    Okay On another note. I am what 4 days post ovulation… I am either super sick or I am pregnant…

    I don’t care what the books say. The books were not written about my body in particular. All i do is pee, eat, sleep, & if i wasnt constipated ( im sorry tmi) I would poop.

    Ugh… 8 more days till testing!



    jst read ur other post millies, my LP is only 12 days too!!! maybe thats why i got my pos early at 10dpo….u DEFO DEFO DEFO need to test then!!!! lol



    liability maybe? Maybe if it was something on there end that caused a miscarriage you might sue.

    #6866318 sorry hun. A lot of us still here so you’ll have lots of company in ttc next month!! good luck



    tiffyy – that is so funny! My husband asks every day if I started AF yet, but he refuses to let me test….haha he doesnt want me getting disappointed AGAIN and AGAIN . Probably doesnt help that with my daughter, I went off BC and got pregnant within a week! This time he has been in training so there is no telling if we can time this right!!


    What does white milky discharge mean? Nothing? You know how we are ladies…thinking everything is a sign/symptom.



    I’ve had AF cramps since yesturday and then tonight they stopped like theres no sign of her coming

Viewing 15 posts - 73,216 through 73,230 (of 131,346 total)

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