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    @ alicia snap I was on the pill when DS was concieved and didn’t realise until 7 weeks gone as didn’t take a break inbetween the months, so this time I stopped taking the pill end of Feb and I though I would get my little mexican bean, honeymoon baby but it wasn’t ment to be, a got this one as a housewarming pressie instead. kinda of puts a stopper in the middle name we were going to chose for a girl if thats what we got (sirenis) after the hotel we stayed in, still might throw it in the pot.



    U r welcome. Oh and also increasing your intake of water will help achieve EWCM (as for what i’ve read).


    hi all, im fairly new to this site 🙂 im currently 10 dpo .. AF due on 21st, up to now had no symptoms other than a little queasy which i actually put down to the weather,, about an hour ago i started spotting fresh blood accompanied by some cramping,, could this be implant bleeding or dreaded AF rearing her ugly head 4 days early ???



    Corinne, no New Orleans, Louisiana



    Laccmoore – Have you always taken prenatal vitamins? They used to make me soo sick to my stomach that the doc had to prescribe me something else! Hope you feel better soon or get your BFP!!!



    lol thanks girl!!!



    hello ladies…does anyone know, how long after ovulation do you have to wait to do a pregnancy test?



    LOL Ashes, your too cute!



    Thanks…I don’t much care for her anyway, but after 4 days being late…I went to a full on hate when she showed up! LOL…it’s like the tampax commercials..but I just wanted to throw that little present box back at her head! Hopefully August is everyone’s month!



    Btw, when I saw I could care less, I meant if I have a boy or girl now….



    Hey everyone, I was thinking about you today and wanted to let you know that I got pregnant after nine months of trying. I was beginning to think that we were going to need a fertility specialist and then I heard about preseed lubricant and instead cups. I used the preseed before sex and then right after sex I inserted an instead cup and then I took it out in the morning. We did this two days after I was done with my period until after I knew the ovulation window was over. We only did the missionary positiion and I got pregnant the very first month of trying!!! I was so happy to see that positive pregnancy test and I was surprised because of all the negative results I was used to. Now I am 17 weeks pregnant and all is going well. Good luck everyone!! Baby dust!! : )
    P.S. I know I already posted this but I want to be sure that everyone has read it!!



    c – I had another BFN today too. I mean, my pee was clear too (took it shortly after dinner)…don’t know what I was thinking. So bummed. I am way late for AF…don’t know what’s going on with me. One minute I feel I have symptoms, the next none. Sucks! I’m SO tired lately…and emotional. My emotions feel out of control (the same way they were with DD). I don’t know…guess I’ll hang in there until AF arrives. Good luck to you…I’ll be thinking of you! Baby dust to all!


    Everyone and I mean everyone i know is pregnant!!!! Except me of course…each time someone announces a pregnancy its like a stab in the heart. My sister in law just announced hers yesterday and someone else on facebook tonite…im happy for them but it hurts!!!! I really need this to be my month! Sorry ladies vent over….



    OK well fertilityfriend’s website is definitly down this morning. SOOO frustrating!!


    CD 1 for me. 🙁

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