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    Hi ladies. I haven’t been on in a few months because we stopped trying. A few weeks ago we decided to stop using protection and see what happens. I felt weird all day and for some reason just had a feeling like I should take a test. I took a Clear Blue and I think I can maybe see a VERY faint positive line. With my first pregnancy I had a very faint line early on and the next day I bought a digital and it was pregnant… I am going to buy a digital test tomorrow. Has anyone else used Clear Blue?? I am so nervous… thoughts??? Should I tell my man what is going on or wait?? Ahh…



    Trying- Lol…people just assume we are on a hellbent mission to have a boy. I am just happy to have a healthy baby. Boy or girl♥ If I was picky, I would have stopped about 3 kids ago:-) I feel sorry for my hubby though. other than the cat and dog we used to have, he is now the only male in the house. He has to endure tea parties and fairy wings, but he does it with style,lol.



    Well ladies, over 1 year ago I visited this site talking about how my husband and I were trying to conceive. At the age of 38 years old (and my husband being 53 years old) we welcomed a beautiful baby girl on November 2, 2011. So thankful that she is healthy and my oldest daughter (now 12 1/2 yrs old) is the absolute biggest help to me. I see now that I am wanting 1 more before I turn 40 but being that my husband will be 55 when this one would be born, he does not want anymore. (Additionally, he has 2 older daughters from a previous marriage). I understand his feelings but I guess my selfishness is in high gear as I cannot imagine having my tubes tied and loosing the rest of my child bearing years. WHAT DO I DO?






    Baby dust sorry that u didnt get bfp before all this other stuff happened but hey its not over until AF says it is! Same for u Kristy! U r still early yet. Good luck to u both!



    i should just order it and use it without telling him lol. hes so wierd about things like that and i dont know why. i was telling my hubby too that we should BD in the morning instead of at night but my hubby wakes up at 4 am to get ready for work and he says he already wakes up early and now i want him to wake up even eariler to do BD. cause right now we dont do BD till like 10 pm and i know that the sperm is better in the morning. should i just keep doing BD at night or have him wake up in the morning for BD?



    It’s Thanksgiving here so I can’t read and respond to everyone but wanted to say Congrats! to veganmama! Happy and healthy 9 months!



    boyoboy – I get 2 or 3 days of EWCM a few days before af every cycle.


    Hey ladies, just checking in. Congrats to Mommybee on your BFP!
    Prayingtobepreggo-when i was pregnant with my 2nd i had the same problem. I kept testing but i kept get BFN, although we weren’t TTC…i knew my body and knew i was pregnant esp after i missed my AF. I went to the dr to get tested which also showed up negative. I was sooo scared. They had me come back 5 days later and retest. Finally came back positive. So hang in there…just as the nurse said you could of ovulated late…thats what happened to me.


    Hi all i posted this on my blog earlier and was just wondering what you guys think aswell as i’m getting pretty fed up of felling this way now.

    Hello ladies,

    I’m writing this blog today cos i really dnt know whats up with me. August Af was 1 day early, September Af was 2 days early n this month Af is yet to show n i was due saturday ! I’ve done a HPT this morning n it was a BFN 🙁 Thing is i’ve not had any signs of AF again however i have had a few signs of being PG. Constant tiredness, ALOT of Dizzy spells n headaches, I’ve been really nautious the past few days aswell n yesterday i threw up after my breakfast. I’m not normally a sicky person either. Not had sore BBs yet but i never got that when i was preg with Joshua. Also i’m slightly worried aswell cos since i’ve woke up this morning i’ve struggled with my balance??
    Erggghhh why is my body doing this to me???

    If anyones got any advice it would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks n sticky baby dust to all the ttc’s n good luck to the PG mummys aswell xxxx



    mommybee42 : Thanks 🙂 and it has been busy in here… i hope we all move forward so we can keep our forums busy as we go along 🙂



    not much of a cuddler plus the dh wanted to see the end of the miami oklahoma game i’m checking it out online between this and espn.



    Well, AF is due today (CD31) and there are no signs of her arrival! I’m trying not to get my hopes up but it would be really nice to see a BFP soon. I’m still going to wait until next Thursday to test if AF still isn’t here by then. I really don’t have pregnancy symptoms either though so who knows!

    SilverEyes – YAY!!! Congrats!



    heyllo ladies im kinda nervous cause i have a job interview today and i havnt worked since my son was born mor then 14 months ago. ahh : 0 /


    Hi Ladies. So, I have 2 kids already (9years & 13 months) and I had a still born with Downs Syndrome @ 20 weeks back in July. I was just told that this pregnancy (preg #5) is a blighted ovum last week. Waiting for the miscarriage but for good measure I redid some bloodwork and I got for another sono next Saturday. I’m floating in Limbo. I am mentally starting to crack because my pregnancy symptoms are getting worse but the Dr said that she’s 90% sure that this will not be a viable pregnancy. I keep luring myself into false hope and I can’t even begin to ‘try’ anymore because if this is an empty sac I can’t conceive until it passes… If it IS a viable pregnancy I’ll be worrying about all the other problems I could have… someone help calm me.

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