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    POAS addict here too, that is why i have decided to stop buying them just to have them in the house. I used my last one on Friday and really wished i had waited. Pretty sure i would test all day long if i had them



    Yeh tahlia was a shock to, I was 16 haha 17 when I had her and df was just 22 . .. Yeh hell get over it haha I think its just a male thing.



    damnkat biggest goodluck.. its scary geting any procedure done but you will be fine and be back at ttc in no time.. goodluck hun



    DPO 7 for me and it is just not going fast enough!


    LadyA…you are 24 years old……..super young(like myself) to have babies. I dont know why an immature person would say something like that to you but you know that that isnt the truth and that person just needs to grow up or get off this site. This site is for support and encouragement. Deff not to bring people down. Dont worry bout what she said….keep your head up high and keep trying! Nobody is too old to have babies. It is all up to the person and it isnt nobody elses business!!!!



    between this one and the great sperm race game, I lose way too much productivity.


    I kno it right well u kno there is a secret fb group? That nobody can see! Nobody on my fb knows forreal either 🙂



    no you wont eeyore cuz im sure the week by week forums arent any thing compared to this one! plus 75% of mom’s get a bfp on soy, we are like 3:4 in here right now! WHOO HOO GO SOY!!!! ITS LIKE CRACK FOR THE BABY DUST FAIRY>>> SHE JUST CANT STAY AWAY!!!! ITS BAIT! LOL



    ck- that looks a lot like the evap line I was seeing. dm- this is a quote my SIL just said to someone asking about them waiting to find out, she is having her baby on the 22nd of this month: there are folks that peek under the tree, poke around in closets and look for the holiday receipts…and there are those that take joy in the genuine surprise of a gift in the moment its presented to them



    Well the joys of motherhood hey. Especially when ur partners a lazy sod.



    Stress&ttc don’t go well together anyways…. Let’s just stay positive and look at the bright side of life <3 **wishing BFPs for everyone**xox



    Tarajo: i think it’s NO deli, if I’m not soft cheeses for sure



    Best of luck mommy2one….sorry for the flu. I think I may have it as well…just got done throwing up water….what in the world?!… Sorry for the TMi. Fx for you!!!!



    *keeps her fingers crossed*


    So ladies what do you think……cd 29 of 30 and had no frets so took opk and it is very pos within seconds?????

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