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    well i ‘O’ around the begining of aug…i had cramping for about 2 days off and on, this was about 4 – 5 days ago…im good now…and the cm its just very wet..cp is way high….no EW or anything like it…could i have ‘O’again



    Kris when my pics did that I changed the saturation to full on the snip shot page before it uploaded and that worked for me try messing with the different effects and see if that makes it clearer



    lol yeah ive been waiting foreverrrr cd19 today :/



    1st time I hope this is it for you then. Your body will not begin producing hirmones for pregnancy until after implantation which is about days 6-10. Krissieh that is great news for you! Wouldn’t it be great to already be 7 weeks! Amy I think it totally sounds like implantation bleeding! Probably safe to get your hopes up! How many dpo are you? Loon isn’t it funny how we have to pretend to be stronger just so our guys dont freak out. For me I know I want it more so I don’t want to give hubby any reason to back out and say it will be too hard for me. I know it will be too hard for me but I want it anyways. I am just really nervous about what I am going to eat this time around. No grains, dairy, eggs or almonds cuts out a lot of foods that help you feel better in that first trimester.



    Eeyore…so sorry – poor boy.



    Dmmarine, if you got a positive opk on the 6th, as far as I know, it means it is the LH surge. You will ‘o’ anything from 12, 24 or 36 hours. So you are seriously not out! Get some bd in 🙂 Good luck! I’m currently on cd 20, and no positive opk yet… Hope it will come soon!



    hey yall lol



    Alicia…it is def going to be hard but I refuse to give in! Hahah I really hope this works out for us! We shall see!!


    andrea- oo cool….the humming bird sounds pretty

    kimster- plur means peace, love, unity, and respect lol i got it when i was like 17 and into the whole rave scene



    Thank u alicia


    So I just got cramps.. they are a cross between Af cramps and the cramping you sometimes get when you are constipated. I am also EXTREMELY thirsty…. maybe I am coming down with something??



    MAMA2LT- CONGRATS YAY.. alot of BFP this month.. Still no af here.. a full week late here… spent half hour this morning over a toilet bowl hurling my guts up.. feel pregnant so i think it doesnt matter what my bloods say i want a ultrasound done to prove me wrong if it comes back with no hcg found. I know my body i know im pregnant. I have some stabbing pains on one ovary though and its making me think twice.. but still lactating more than ever.. put on 2 bra sizes etc sorry for af guys xx



    hi i’m back!!! Diane/Eeyore: back…. but not with much info, there 68 pages to read back on and DS is being a pain in the rear =) …but from what i did read those that are normal, it gave them a stronger o and for the most part many o later than normal but there were quite a few that saw no difference..the one thing they said was that it brought an abundance of EWCM…personally I HAD NONE!!1



    Thanks amw!! 🙂 Today is our 5 year anniversary of being together so it was perfecT! 🙂



    hey duffy!! how u going?? yeh i hope its just too early..hehe where r you up to in your cycle??

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