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    I was 6lbs 5oz…so i am making the prediction of our bub being around 7 – 8 lbs. hehe



    INKDOLL, wow that must be a great feeling to get a positive digital after a faint positive. I still have not taken a digital. Have you told anyone yet?



    i am 4 days until AF is suposed to be here and cramping .. any hopes i could still have a BFP? havent tested yet.. dont want to be let down


    Silvereyes- Congrats!! Hopefully the line continues to get darker & darker!! Cd21 (6Dpo) nothing much going on so far today.. No concrete evidence either way lol still slightly crampy and yesterday had slight tenderness of the breasts but nothing really today.. Oh well 8 days to AF and about 5 until I can start testing


    afternoon all how was everyone’s weekend?


    Thanks. Shortly after writing that I went to the ladies room and the toilet paper was pink. Severe nausea and some mild stabbing cramps.



    thank you! I hope so too! I’m taking agnus castus to try and help regulate my cycle and I’m having reflexology. I haven’t actually done an OPK this morning as it’s only just 11am in london so will leave it another hour then test! I don’t know about you but when I started TTC I thought it would be easy being 24 and everyone I know getting pregnant at the drop of the hat but it is so not 🙁


    Last night someone (someone I used to be close to but who suddenly fell off the face of the earth when I needed a friend) asked me when I was ready for #3… I got really irritated and said FYI- #3 was stillborn. And then I had myself a good cry. WTH?



    + im not really sure what its like 2 o as I only have once in 3 months . So I don’t really know the signs



    Oh well ignore that then lol



    maybe your body tried to o earlier LC? luvababe it is posssible that you did o later than what you though and you are only 2 – 5 wks (which is a huge range!



    CD 16 and 3 DPO/T I hate the 2 week wait



    @ damnkat thanks for replying its not what I was wanting to hear but at least I know not to get my hopes up around cd 28 again if AF is late. I told myself not to test early this month and wait til the witch is late but have a wedding to go to 29/5 so need to know if I can have a drink or not (have to test 28/5 my parents are up babysitting our DS). Damn body why does it have to mess us around like this?


    dollbunny- i was told by my doctor that it takes the average couple a year to conceive. Not a fun fact to know when you are TTC.



    refinnejlee~ Wow, you already had your 1st period? I sure hope I don’t have to wait long. Going to take a hpt at lunch….I hope it’s negative 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 74,956 through 74,970 (of 131,346 total)

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