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    Anyways im off to bed, its late and will have another broken night sleep between our new little man and tahlia.. Im ganna test again tomorrow morning and call up my doctor and go get some bloods done. I didn’t have any symptoms until 6 weeks with tahlia so maybe im one of those people who don’t get positive hpt at the start 🙂 , can only hope hey. Night ladies.



    Hi everyone – I had some very light bleeding that started on July 6th (wasn’t expecting AF until the 9th) and it ended completed on the 10th. Not sure if it was my period or not but it was pinkish red to start and red in the middle and brownish red at the end. I don’t know what to think. HPT was negative this morning. No symptoms at all. Any advise/comments would be appreciated.



    mbecker i have a 2 year old already and we are trying for our second now also…let me tell ya i am more nervous and more anxious this time around then i was with ttc my daughter. This time i am a poas addict and i’m going to try and wait until at least the day before im supposed to get my period. It’s so hard tho! How long have you been trying ?? good luck with TTC i hope you get your bfp soon !



    OKAY…… so I guess i finally figured something out. I keep entering my cycle day length as my average, WHIC IS A NO NO. I didn’t know your supposed to enter the shortest cycle you have had in the last 6 mo! That’s makes a big difference! Since I entered 21 days instead of my AVERAGE of 24 NOW everything is matching up! I should have ovulated yesterday or today. Sunday I had a light spot which I believe now was ovulation spotting and then yesterday Monday I had cramping on my lower right side! We BD on sat and yesterday so hopefully that’s enough, but we will again tonight just for good measure! I am only CD8 and if i ovulated yesterday it would be CD 7, which is possible apparently …via Google hahahahahha! Ohhh ladies, I hope it was enough. If i would have known to enter 21 days I would have been BDing since Thursday and not have waited til SAT. Good luck ladies, and i guess this means I am in the 2 WW!?!?!Ekkkkk!


    Happyforest- I felt like I had tons on symptoms in my 2ww. However I am not sure how many were pregnancy related and how many were just different for my body since it was my first month of off the pill. But I will list them for you….1-2 dpo pretty severe pain on my left side around where my ovary is, 3-4 dpo heavy, achy feeling in uterus, hurt more when I walked and sore nipples, 5-8 dpo waves of naseau (that one may have been in my head, not sure) 8dpo BFN. 9dpo I stood up quickly from sitting and felt extremely dizzy and light headed for a second. Then around 10 dpo I started getting af type cramps. 12-14 dpo af cramps continue and I had light brownish/pink spotting for 1 1/2 days. Got my bfp on 15 dpo the day of my expected period. i probably could of seen it earlier but i don’t know as I hadn’t tested since 8dpo. Also…I had a random positive opk around 5 dpo only for one day. I KNOW i did not ovulate this day because if I did I would have not ended up preggo because i didn’t feel well that night and we hadn’t bd for like 3 days before that positve. This strange positve opk around 5dpo also happened to my good friend the month she got preggo. Like I said it was only for one day though and then they went back to negative. I hope this helps!! There is also a website called where you can read other girls pre-bpf symptoms. Good luck to everyone!!! ~*~*~*~BABY DUST~*~*~*~



    Hi ladies. Well am back ttc after a miscarriage last month. Was going to wait till Sept but me and fiance just couldn’t wait! Just gonna go with the flow this month and then next month use opks as might take a while to get back to my regular cycle.



    soy isoflavones can be found at any walmart or walgreens and they are said to help with egg release (estrogen is naturally in soy) and pre-seed is lube that doesn’t prohibit the little spermies from getting to their destination, otc lubes aren’t too good for TTC.


    LKdream – good luck with your blood test today!!! That’s so exciting! Let us know how it goes!
    Lilimomma- sorry about your BFN, but don’t lose hope yet! Sometimes it takes a while for the pregnancy hormone to kick in. It’s different for everyone. With my first I took 5 tests and didn’t find out I was pregnant until I went to the doctor and I was almost 3 months along – I had no symptoms too it was really weird. Carmen that might answer your question..every pregnancy is different so it is highly possible to not have any signs or symptoms at all.

    Good luck to everyone! This is so exciting and I’m glad I have people to relate to!! 🙂



    NIchole, it might be too soon, but if you have the urge to test, and HAVE to get it out of your system, go for it, but expect a BFN – it might be a false BFN, and a BFP waits in three or four more days. Good luck!! PS: I did get a BFP at 7 DPO in May, but only because the egg implanted outside my uterus – as soon as it was fertilized, so the hCG was in my body really early. Not to freak anyone out who tests early and gets a BFP, some eggs are just fast moving and implant early in the RIGHT place!!



    Can someone please explain the ovulation test….thank you.


    Soooo, after 8 months of tracking BBT, CM, spending a fortune on OPKs, I got my BFP and had it confirmed at the docs. This has been such a journey, and while I didn’t say much on this page if I ever had a question I could just read on this forum and get my answer. So thanks, loads of baby dust to you all!



    Thanks for your vote of confidence. When do you think I can test andy20? I was thinking about testing twice, 1 in 2 days, if it’s a neg then I will test 1 in 6 days. Because my cycle is either 24 or 28 days. When do you think I should? Any advice will be welcome 🙂



    It’s amazing how exciting it is when one of us gets a BFP like Diane. Tonight we are bding for fun for the first time in a while. Sticky baby dust to all and to all a goodnight.



    AF was due yesterday. so far today i have woken up with major tummy cramps and brown discharge. Sure she will be here by this afternoon. stupid AF. got a message the other day that said why cant AF just be a text message that says you’re not pregnant. Had a good chuckle with that. anyway i must leave for work now… hubby is sucking up to me like mad but he said he isnt changing his mind. if you dont mind even though we are not actively ttc, i would like to hang around here. offer my support, answer some questions and i know pretty soon i will be ttc with you all with hubbys consent…. have a stunning day all of you and hope u all fall pregnant like NoW!!!



    seansmom – aww sweetie, you can always come here and vent, that’s what I do 🙂 I hate seeing the BFP, but then AF comes and the new focus is the plan of attack for the next cycle. You will get your sticky bean, just takes time. ((hugs))

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