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    wannabmomma- i think you could probably test now if you have been having any symptoms! GL and FX! 🙂 update for me… I am having some cramping, mainly on the left side, headache… i usually have symptoms of af usually right after I o and nothing so far…. I hope I am just not getting my hopes to high and reading into things too far!



    Hi Mamacass, Sorry for your loss. This is my 6th month TTC #2.


    Mama Bri: Oh listen prayers works wonders pray and pray openly and hard. I have been in your situation and it was afterwards that I got my bfp and with in 6 weeks of me finding out and hubby and I decided to get it together i had my first miscarriage out of seven previous pregnancy. So just be supportive as you are and pray, pray do it as husband and wife and all things will work out. You are in my prayers



    Well! good morning ladies, today is a brand new day!, and i have finally stopped bleeding from my m/c..let the bd’ing begin!!!!!.. wahhoo!



    Ugh, my body is so mean. I know there is NO way I am pregnant this soon after my ectopic but still my body wants to be evil and play tricks. I’m only about 4 DPO so I know you cannot really have any signs yet but wow… for 2 nights in a row I’ve had vivid dreams, last night’s was pretty scary.. maybe it’s just the Halloween season catching up to me! I’ve also been SUPER gassy (sorry TMI I know). It is ridiculous. I don’t know if I am eating something that is causing it or what but I am getting so annoyed with it. I know I am not pregnant, it would be probably a 1% chance from everything I’ve read on forums about the first month after ectopic surgery. So these issues I am having need to pack up and go!



    lol LC Melbourne



    alicia that is the frer- just taken apart. lol. who doesnt do that? or am i the only crazy one?lol



    @ mommyto jude think 9 dpo is too early to test I would wait until at least 1-2 days before AF is due high chance of getting a BFP if you’ve caught the egg, I tested at 10 dpo and got a BFN even though I knew it was only 57% accurate that early I was still a little disappointed. AF due today for me if it stays away I’ll test 1st thing. Fingers crossed for your BFP.



    geez thers so many bfp these last few days congrats to you and and our latest MOT..congrats… anyday now af should show up.. where are my achy sore tender boobies???



    eeyore, if implantation had not happened by 10 DPO, then it would be ‘wrong’ 😉 I hear ya though, either give me a BFP, or bring on AF!!!


    hi all hope you are well. not been on this forum for about 2 months now. we are still waiting for that BFP fed up now. came to check my fertile days but i cant see the ovulation calender, is this just me that cant see it or is anyone else having the same problem?



    did you go get your blood work done?



    hi ladies well as of today im currently on Cd21. I’ve been cramping & im even feeling abit queasy,not looking to much into it tho !! Af’s due to make her arrival on the { 24th }… I guess we’ll see what happens :- )


    I told my sister today that Iwas TTC and she totally thinks I am crazy!!



    i am so tired of this… I dont even wanna try anymore… first i had creamy white discharge, then it ewcm with slight cramping… and now NOTHING all over again… what the hell… I just cant do this anymore, all these body changes and nothign to explain it. This new doc seems to be only about giving me meds after meds. I’m thinking aboout going back to my old doctor, just that he’s at least 2 hours away. I dont know what to do anymore ladies!!!!

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