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    sweetbaby : I bought a combo pack, 40 opk and 10hpt off amazon for 40 or 50 dollars (included shipping). I live in Canada. Its been 2 weeks and still have not received them yet. haahah pretty much too late to use the opk tests anyways as i should be o’ing any day now. Not sure if there are any better places for canada, I just know its bloody expensive in stores.



    Diane…Didn’t Gatornay O late with a BFP?



    @ Taylor us women are such funny creatures 🙂 hahahaha…its crazey. my cycles are usually 30 – 33 days, so i think i o around the 3rd or 4th well we did BD 2, 3, 4 and 5…so im seriously hoping we did enough whats ur [email protected] i bielive in that whole think of male are faster swimmers…so i would think if your trying for a girl mabey today u should give it a skip…but i dont know, if you really wanna baby i would just BD today aswell 🙂 arrrg i know its os confusing 🙂



    Gotta say I am pretty excited for this evening…I get a baby fix for the evening! My friend asked if I could watch his one year old tonight for awhile and of course I jumped on that! I just love baby time! I know I sould silly but I just love any kind of time I get with little ones! Cant wait to have my own one day!



    I need help ladies. I miscarried in feb. so i bled from that, then they did a D&C on me, so i bled from that as well. then i got on depo. and i bled from that. the bleeding stopped mid may, and nothing until aug12th. i started bleeding again, but it is irregular, and im still off & on with blood. i am having SOME symptoms of pregnancy, like sore boobs, as well as them slowly getting larger, my hips are slowly getting bigger, my belly is slowly getting bigger as well. i am sleepy all the time, and i have been having a different kind of weight pressure on my c-sec scar, and wierd pains. but no positive test. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!



    Candila there usually is always a line there only when your ovulating it gets really dark



    Today is technically cd29 but SHOULD be cd1



    congrats French… enjoy your up coming 9mos.



    think i might be getting ready to O, im on CD 18 though with 28 day cycles and i got a faint second line on an OPK.. its my first month using this, so when should i BD?


    LOL DMmarine!



    asterozoumbas – great idea!!! lol Night night!!



    Hey ladies!! My heart goes out to each & every one of you wanting that BFP. I wanted it for over 2 years, & I have spent over $100 on hpts. I thought that I would NEVER see this day of getting a BFP @ 8dpo. I want to stay & hang with you woman. I want to encourage that woman who thinks ‘it won’t happen for me’! I’ve read every last post from like 10days ago. And I see myself in some of you ladies. I wish I would have known about this forum when I was ttc last year. Ladies don’t give up! May GOD bless your wombs. Ttyl


    Well ladies I hope that you all have a wonderful day I am going to wild adventures and I am going to see BRET MICHAELS!!! I love that man lol


    alicia-i also thought i was going to be joining u and some of the other ladies over to the weeklies. MAMA_ yeah a BFN then spotted, and wont test again till about sat IF get my bloods done and he results wont be back in time. no more spotting… i just sont know…

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