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    congrats IRISH! i would def say preg! well done mama..lots of sticky baby dust to you xx @ sherry…sorry about the dip..until AF rears her ugly head tho ur still in the game, good luck! @ Donna i absolutely know how that feels, my hubby and i used to work diff shifts, he would work 3:30am-3:30pm and i would work 4pm-12am. that was or schedule for me buggered how we got preg with our 13 month old! HAHA. my bleeding has been funny..really light and only needed to change my liner twice all day so i dunno..period was due to start on the 5th (by 35 day cycle) and today by 28 day cycle (which it has been 35cd consistently for 4 months solid)..tested middle of day today..bfn. no more tests til mon unless af appears. how long does implantation bleeding last?? the longer it hangs around the more discouraged i feel



    i say go get the test!!!!!!!!!!!! we wanna know!!!!!!!!!!!



    petunia, i commented on ur profile, i found something that may be of some use xx


    Liset~ Mine were exact 28 day cycles… Now they are a ridiculous 40+ days… Very disapointing!



    boo my step-cousin had a baby boy last night…and i get this from hubs today ‘just stop doing all the charting and chatting and just let it happen…’ if looks could kill he would be dead



    maybe its all in my head (especially since I plan on POAS today) but I am peeing an awful lot.. LOL I’ve got a killer headache right now.. BOO! Time is dragging.. again, probably b/c I plan on POAS so I keep looking at the clock so I know when I can go to the store and then run home.. LOL oh how TTC makes us crazy!



    I havn’t been on here much since I had my miscarriage…things have not been going well for me! I currently lost my job about a month ago & my hubby & I are currently on hold with trying! I want to try still so bad though! Been so depressed about it lately!



    morning ladies.. still no AF for me but still leaning towards me not being pregnant.. either way I am ok but if I am not pregnant I just wish AF would start already so I can continue trying lol


    xweegeex~~ Thanks. Ill keep you updated.



    Hi Ladies, well i haven’t been on in a very long time but, i’m still trying and my period should be here on the 6th of next month so will wait and see how it goes. I have a question, I have had a lot of stringy mucus this month it lasted for about 2-3 days is that i good sign that i could be pregnant because i had sex everyday when i had the stringy mucus. If you could reply to my page that would be great!
    Good luck Ladies!!!!



    hey ladies…my ex bf and i were together for 3 years…i wasnt trying to conceive but just carelessly having unprotected sex with him because it felt better and we were monogamous…i never got pregnant so i jus figured i couldnt conceive…i love kids…but im in my early 20s so partying was more of my focus so it didnt bother me…but on 09/07/2010 …i kept getting period like cramps…i went out and bought tampons and midol to prepare myself but AF never showed up and the cramps were persistent but they just didnt feel ‘normal’ like any other month…i decided to take a HPT just to be sure and ta-daaaa! on 09/13/2010, I got a BFP…i was still in shock because it was a huge surprise…so i went back to the store and bought 2 more tests…both BFP…and even made an appt. the next day at the health dept. jus to be sure…and once again another BFP….even tho i was completely unprepared for this surprise…im 12 weeks along now and my mommy senses have kicked in…the moral of the story is…these things take time and when u want something so bad it seems like time moves even slower…but no matter how long it takes, never think that it CAN’T happen for u…because u never know…those discouraging cramps u think could be AF…could turn out to be ur little peanut barreling his way into ur uterus
    :-)………stay positive and i hope u all GET positives!!



    I poas last night and it was bfn, then this morning I started to get that icky feeling before I get af, cramps, and everything that goes with it. So I’m thinking it’s just that af will be a few days late. Oh well! Now I’m wondering if Danah tested and if she got a bfp, I’m crossing my fingers for her. So EJP, we’ll most likely be cheering for each other next month! And congrats Becky-Boo.



    maybe they think theres a chance its still to early to show on either blood or urine tests katie…..keeping my fingers crossed for u 🙂


    mummyree i just typed in preseed in google and preseed australia came up and thats where i bought mine from (



    congrates Iraqi on the BFP 🙂

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