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    Seriously, this 2WW stinkies



    Babyhope, I know what you mean the 2ww is killing me. I was having all the symptoms. And then yesterday woke up fine, no nausea, just breakout on my chin, tired, and sore bbs. When is your test date? Mine is Monday.



    it’s not easy!! i only test as soon as i get up in the morning, so i hurry up and go to the bathroom so I don’t have time to dwell on it!!



    congrats mangomomma for your BFP!



    lol South 😉 Gotta give a shout out the the lurkers!! I lurked last year for about six months before hubby and I decided to TTC again. I loved watching all the stories unfold, and I learned lots… kind of my pre-TTC consultation! PS: lurkers, we love you – come in and blab!



    Mama Bri, I’m so sorry to hear that. That would be just aweful 🙁 I would definitely look into the possibility of a sublet. Also, what is the penalty to get out of your lease early? Surely it must be cheaper to do that over the long run then to be paying for two households for a year.



    amanda- go by one of them first response tests- they give you results 5 days BEFORE your missed period.. AND if you go to their website, they have a 2.00 coupon you can print off for them… after all when a women is ttc, and buying them hpt’s weekly, them things can get damn expensive!!! haha good luck to you though!hope you get your bfp~


    CD 9 for me and still waiting…. Boo to the AF’s and BFN’s!!



    thnx,i had a look but its only 2mins of it..hmmm,have spent all day looking for it.sure im gonna get fired lol!!



    dmmarine yes please!! I love this stuff!


    lastone- im sorry that you are having trouble with having your af return….are you sure you couldnt talk to your doctor about it?? You do know they have a pill or shot…i forget what it is but they have some type of thing that will help stimulate your period to come on. They do it for women who have had miscarriages and havent had a period over 12 wks later



    damnkat don’t worry, i had the leep and 5 months later i got my bfp!!!! i couldn’t believe it, but it got rid of all the bad tissue and left me with good healthy tissue to carry my little man full term… i was nervous when i got pregnant because your cells multiply to so much but i had a clean pap recently and ttc #2…. good luck i know its hard and things will get better, also my af is way better than before



    I just picture a little tiny ant standing at one end of a football field, and he’s just been told he has to get to the other goal line to score a touchdown – hee hee



    Lady A it was prob anothe fake person causing trouble again.. try not to let it get to you …. somtimes you gota let if roll of your back as no one decent or seriuos on this site would ever say somthing to the sort of that


Viewing 15 posts - 75,886 through 75,900 (of 131,346 total)

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