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    Okay, I’ve looked and found different info all over the place. My question is how long after implantation bleeding does it take to get a bfp? The most consistent answer I have found is 2-4 days after it stops. Does that sound right? And yes, I’m obsessing again full well knowing I’m probably just having breakthrough bleeding…



    blondone you are good on the dog poo. Sorry lol. Welcome to mojo and poofy. Happymama were you looking with the thermometers or with the family planning? I made that mistake the first time I was shopping. They are usually near the condoms and pregnancy tests. ttcourlittlesmith I would say just BD your heart out. I hate OPKs. Mel I found mine went low pretty soon after, but I am not normal lol. I had ewcm for 14 days and I don’t think it was at it’s highest point when I actually ovulated according to temps. I think I am 5 dpo today… I have been temping but not charting. My temps were super low before ovulation and now they are super high. There is a .9 degree celcius difference, which seems like a lot to me. I still don’t know what to think about my situation. I bd’ed the day before I ovulated and that was the only time. I really didn’t think I was going to ovulate since I had had ewcm for so long. We shall see what happens in a week or so. My LP is usually 12 days as well.



    Still nothing. And these strips say to read after 5 minutes…



    @Madelmar17- thanks hun! I know I can use all the well wishing in the world. Fingers crossed and keeping the faith. God willing we will get that BFP this week <3



    Hey TBT!! LOL, I now notice more people from a few months back!!



    I’ve never wanted AF to come so badly before- on CD32… really hope I don’t have to wait until CD50ish again….



    tina I hear ya….my tests keep screaming at me I can’t keep buying anymore so I am being good and waiting lol



    ok CD 41 got the provera but scared to take it i don’t want a heavy AF……..never taken it before so i don’t know what to expect……..that and i will be CD 51 when it will hopefully bring on AF



    wannab, it doesnt matter 🙂 some people are just very traditional thinking in that way i guess, but if ur getting married in february, thats not far away at all, who knows how long it will take for u to get ur BFP, i think it will all work out, have faith 🙂 and good luck to u! i hope u get ur BFP sooner rather then later!



    Hi Everyone! Back on here after having my daughter two and a half years ago. DH decided that we’re going to try for number 2 this month, so hopefully in a few weeks, we’ll start our journey again! Nice to be back 🙂


    Thanks girls!! I will try and make it to 10dpo….ahhhhhh 4 days is soooo far away! :)…



    Hey girls, question about temping… after ‘O’ dies your temps need to rise everyday (each day higher than the previous) or just be higher than your coverline, in order to confirm O and pregnancy? I have seen charts in FF gallery going both ways and I’m not sure what should I be looking at or hoping for. TIA!!


    What is going on Left? Whats wrong?



    I’ll go wednesday if I am still bleeding or my temps are still high. Hopefully they will drop soon. I’ll be alright. It happens. Just gotta get back on the horse lol. At least I know sperm and egg had a meet and greet 🙂



    so i just worked out i didnt baby dance on the day i got my 2 dark lines on opk. my sister had her baby and i was soo tired.does that mean im out…??? i baby danced on 9th,11,12,14,15,18. i got the two dark lines on the 13th.opps! so when you get cramping pains frm ovulation has the egg come down? havin sex the next day is to late?? err so confusing i tell u … :)))

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