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    Sorry dragon better look this month I’m confused with mine as I’m late as was due same time as u and still not started but negative hots but was sick this morning so who knows, arranging a trip to drs for bloodwork next week if af not shown xx



    LC,, did you get a pos opk around O cd15??
    This either means
    1. you are due to ovulate in the next 12-24 hours
    2. opk is picking up hcg in your body?

    you didnt have the opks around O cd15 right?
    with my opk got darker with the increase of HCG it was gradual but noticable…this one for you today is very different to yesterdays hey??



    Thanks ladies, im off to the Doc this morning at 10am. Will let you all know



    LC do you have a hpt to take? last cycle that i fell pg i had 3 days of pos opks!! this is a good sign i would think?


    A year??!? Holy moses! Littlesmith- ttc is stressful on everyone. Take a breath, plan a date night & try to cut each other some slack. Hormones are raging I’m sure. Not getting along does NOT lead to Bding- I promise.



    mommytoabi – OMG congrats…DEF a visable line. I pray they get darker and darker for you!! It is still super early to get a pos too….that is a plus!!! Ahhh please posts pics everyday of your FMU tests lol I must see this!! 🙂



    Congrats Kayla!!!!



    Mmmm that sounds yummy youngmum!



    amanda: I know it’s been a bit since you asked, but yes, I’m taking prenatals. In fact, researchers recommend you take prenatals the whole time you are of ‘childbearing age.’ Prenatals contain folic acid, which is supposed to assist in preventing neural tube defects. Because I’ve already had a baby with a NTD, I’m on additional folic acid. I take my prenatal PLUS 4.8mg of folic acid daily.


    Cherry- I think that will do the trick. My cycles are very regular and I have had this problem for 16 years!!


    So sorry Coco and Praying 🙁 Welcome Amy! So I still don’t have AF and figured if I’m gonna get it, it’ll be today. Feeling hopeful and scared! I so want to be preg now. Figuring I’ll test Mon if it’s still not here. I want to do it tomorrow but between church and seeing my inlaws, I think I’ll wait 🙂 Good luck Rolo! Baby dust for u!



    hello ladies im new here.i hope everyone doing good.. its only been 2 weeks and 3 day can i start feelin sick already plz let me know what you think thank you..



    Ahhh Praying. I’m so sorry you have gone through the loss of your angel baby. We r all here.



    and do any of you lay in bed after bding i usually go to the bathroom right away whats the best to do after bding ?



    Lora – when was AF due again??

Viewing 15 posts - 75,991 through 76,005 (of 131,346 total)

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