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    Good question JakesMummy! I sometimes have the ovulation pains and CM for about 4 days which seems impossible.



    i no i told my partner im not taking the tablets i have them blood spots and all 5 days ago the dr didnt even want to listen to me well get blood test back at 2 so keeping my fingers crossed



    I thought it would have been fun to have a due date of 10/10/10 since my daughter was born 08/08/08! My sister’s baby was born 09/09/08 and they got married on 07/08/09. 11/11 would be good too, but then again, so would any date at this point! lol 🙂 I’m on CD40, no sign of AF, still getting BFNs..I’m not sure if I should just wait it out or make an appt with my doctor.. this is only my second cycle since coming off Mirena in November, first cycle was 31 days, so I’m wondering if my body is just still trying to figure itself out. I was only on Mirena for about 11 months, but that probably doesn’t make a difference does it?


    Aww my DS has a cold in his eye poor baby. He has green eye boogies and alot of watering, i know its normal but i feel bad cause its icky and it looks lazy.



    Hey Ladies! I just got back from the Doctor and she confirmed that indeed I am very pregnant!!!! Congrats to everyone else on BFP’s today!!!!!!



    HEY C! How you holdin up hun? How are you feeling? and how are your temps?



    Hi, i’m new to this site to still tring to figure out some on the word shortings could someone tell me what is bfn? and on the subject of concieveing yday was my first day of my period when will it be most effective for my to TTC thank you x


    how does it feel if you are pregnant?



    Ok broke down and took a couple of tests. I did an internet cheapy a First Response digi and a FRER … ALL NEGATIVE. I’m so sad. 🙁


    oh Chicken Dinner- that sounds really yummy!



    Uploading pic of opks neva ovulated this early before normallt its cd 18… Royal jelly n vitex helps omg im feeling lucky ladies whos with me cd 12 today:)any cycle buddies… Im testing on the 28 of this month


    julz…how are you feeling, hun?



    mamie2shoes – congrats on your BFP – sticky dust to you!!!



    buts its 8:30pm here and i have 2 kids in bed.



    Hello ladies!! CD23 for me today and I’m testing on the 28th; do I have any test buddies??

Viewing 15 posts - 76,096 through 76,110 (of 131,346 total)

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