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    I find belly pics really hard to look at. It upsets me a bit, scan pics I am fine with though. Strange. I am due to test next Friday, but I have bought 10 x cheapo internet tests so I might try my luck on Wednesday x



    Soooooo excited my cervix feels like lips. It usually feels so hard. I took an opk and it was very negative yesterday. But we still bed. Yesterday it was still hard. Going to do it tonight to and tomorrow. Hubby will be happy!! =)



    BooJamBaby -> I am not sure as another lady was saying she had O and was having CM and some ewcm after her O. I started to google it and could not find much.


    wantsagirl – this is out 3rd month.. we have a 16month old boy and we fell preggers with him as soon as i stopped the pill. so i dont know what its like to be ‘trying’ if you know what i mean. ive been off the pill since the start of december so i thought it would be outa my system by now. so who knows… how long have you been trying?



    Hi all. Just wanted to say good luck to all you ladies ttc. I had 4 miscarriages all 1 to 1.5 years apart and was on the waiting list for fertility treatment when a friend recomended that I put my husband on zinc to ‘jazz’ up his sperm all his tests at the fertility clinic were fine but I thought what the hell and I bought a regular zinc suppliment from my local supermarket in the september and was pregnant in the October,and after 5 years of waiting had a beautiful baby girl the following july. I had a baby boy 2 weeks ago and you guessed it after a year of ttc I put my hubby back on zinc, it took 2 months before I was pregnant this time. Don’t know if it was the zinc or not but, its worth a try. Hope you all get your BFP soon, believe me I know how frustrating the journey gets.


    im here lol



    Hey Ladies! Just stopping in. I will be testing next week and can’t wait I have had sooooo many symptoms so I guess that we will see. Baby dust to all!



    took a Test BFN. 🙁 not really disappointed just wish i new where AF was… I about puked just a few minutes ago & i am not sure why?? but i think i got a stomic bug



    its freeeeeeeezing in the UK, minus 5 degrees this morning when I dropped DH off. Berry, you are showing already? hahahahaha you are mad! Sorry you are feeling ill Dawn 🙁 Tmg – that is pretty damn impressive Bding!



    well the brown spotting has finally stopped… i only really noticed it cuz i use tampons (sorry TMI) and when i didn’t use them i only noticed very little when i wiped.. it lasted 6 days and out of that i had all up about half a day or less worth of bleeding and that was over two days… just a very abnormal period i think… never had it happen before.. but hopefully this won’t affect my TTC this month or ovulating =S fingers crossed i still ovualate and get my BFP…



    lol I think so too, Abigails_Mommy.


    jun – I hope you’re right!! Good luck testing!!



    mamma – Those deffo sound like PG symptoms, although it seems a bit early to me for you to be getting them, but since this weekend will be 2 weeks post-BD and AF is due, you should take a PG test and find out if you are.



    thanks girls-ya i was thinking af too but i didnt think it dropped till the day af was due…thats why i asked for your help!!!



    Irishbaby, I get those every time. It is really no big deal and goes away on its own. There is also the chance you have a cyst. They are common to occur during ovulation and usually go away on their own, but are painful.

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