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    What does BD mean!!!?



    see, I would get a cleaner but I would have to clean before she came, so she didnt think I was lazy, then I would have to clean after she had been so its was done correctly, so there isnt any point! haha



    Wow rachele, that sounds like a terrible problem! Sorry you are dealing with it, but it seems that benadryl is advised to help relieve the symptoms. Did you talk to your doctor about it? Some women have had success with desensitization treatment (repeated exposure to the seminal fluid) but I am not sure how the treatment is supposed to be applied to work properly – needs a Drs input for sure. ((HUG)) I hope you find relief soon!



    lol so basiclly you guys are saying the 14 I paid was way to much! lol



    Annie: Nikki121lottie is going through IVF now, and blogging about it:



    My husband and I have been TTC for 3 months now and it is becoming very frustrating for me. Our son was a surprise so I always thought when we were ready for #2 it would happen right away. We BD every other day for the first 2 months and then EVERY DAY now and I’m still not pregnant. What else can we do?



    Right, Waiting?! I can still feel where the skin has stretched but can hardly tell the difference between the stretch mark and other skin tone. The key is to massage, massage and massage some more!! Gets blood flowing to the area and helps the skin thicken up.



    I’m keeping my fingers crossed, just a little confused. I just read that a drs test doesn’t always detect a pregnancy until you are 14 days late, has anyone else heard this?



    mommymachine- I am probably about 6dpo as well, although I can’t be sure. I also have cramping and tingly bb’s.



    Happy New Years to everyone!!! I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years eve!! I wish everyone lots of baby dust for the year 2009 and tons of BFPs!! : )



    how early can one detect a preganacy?my tummy has been getting hard on top and it feel different in my abdomen area but im not sure if that is simply bloating due to a upcoming AF or not…i have also been sleeping more and craving orange juice like crazy! i have it with every meal now which is wierd because i usually avoid it. My face is sensitive to the citrus so i break out at times but i cant get enough now…i am 22 and my AF has never been regular for me so it is difficult to track…it has been around 2weeks since the BD and i began to notice this only around 2 days ago..i am not sure if i want to take a test.Im a bit worried about the results.I was just wondering if it was at all possible to know you are preganant after only 2weeks time or should i wait to take the test later…any advice would be very much appreciated! thank you!


    Morning ladies – my temps hit a new high this morn : )



    Irish, it is possible, but not likely. Right now, during your period, there is lots of estrogen surging and that combined with the leftover progesterone from your cycle ending will make for some fluctuating temperatures for the first week of your cycle. If you ovulated on CD 2, your next period would begin around CD 16. Keep tracking your temperatures and see if a pattern emerges over the next week. No harm in starting the BDing early just in case you do ovulate early. 🙂 Are you taking your temperature as soon as you wake up in the morning, same time daily before you get out of bed?


    Welcome Gwene…we’re a pretty friendly lot here.



    yeah i went today but she said oh this is common for women to miss a period…she did a urine and that was all..i thought at least she would want to get me looked at to check the cyst cuz of my past experiences with cyst but she didnt!!!…i wish she would have takin blood test but she didnt!!!…idk…can i tell them i want it done?

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