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    for some reason I kinda like the idea of an all girl or all boy family, I came from one having two sisters and my best friend is a guy with two brothers, I’m totally bias I guess, but I would be really happy with all the same gender, but then again, it would be nice to experience both sexes…. I don’t know!



    Looking back at my calendar at last month – I had a 34 day cycle…I am CD21 now shouldnt I have ovulated already? Still no pos OPK?? BLAHHH!



    I try to check my cervical mucus but I’m not sure if I know how. What are the cervical positions I should be looking for?Thank you for helping me.



    mommy-I am 12 dpo and 15 days past trigger. I was getting positives all along but it just started getting darker. I posted a pic on the last page of my profile from saturday. I was 10 dpo that night. Good luck to you as well!!!!


    hahaha the nasty nati! I have always loved that one! Never made it down that way much but its still nice to see someone else here 😀 good luck TTC!



    Good afternoon ladies, cd2 here AF showed her ugly head yesterday morning. n



    diane. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



    Hello, Mommy’s and Mommy-to-be-again’s 🙂
    I’m 26, my one and only child is 16months and hubby and I are planning another baby. I missed a period for July so I took a test last week or longer and it was negative. Still no period I have cramps a brown discharge (old menstrual blood? implantation blood?) Anything working for anyone??? Please share! Good luck all!



    Thanks hopefulash!



    Hello ladies this is my first time posting on this forum a had a mc and a d&c on may 20th this yr I have had a period since then but I need adivice becus I am late it has been 5 weeks 2 days since my last period and all test are negative I haven’t tested since Tuesday but I have sore boobs and gas and very tired and freguent urination I have taken 5 test I know that sounds alittle upsesive I just really wanna know what’s going on I lost my baby in may due to turners syndrome s8omething I didn’t even know I was a carrier for I just am so confused on why I am late and why no test is sayong positive and what to do now any advice would be great. My. Last period cam early as well it came on day 26 instead of 28. I am so confused. Please if anyone knows or has any info on this that would help a lot.



    Hey C. Still waiting I see. That sucks!!!!



    Congrats Kennedy!!! Shaking the baby tree for you girls!!!! shake-shake-shake-shake!!!!!



    THANK YOU LADIES SO MUCH!!! I AM SOOO HAPPY!! 🙂 I can’t believe it…I wanted so badly to tell DH in a cute way this time but once again I freaked out and yelled it at him!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! He is on cloud nine right now! HE CAN’T BELIEVE IT EITHER! 🙂 Thank you so much again ladies you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):)



    Taylor I have FF for my iPhone (it’s a VIP package for the first month free) and when I go to ‘more’ under the Calander I can go to fertility anilyzer and pregnancy monitor and it grades me on my intercourse timing (was good now it’s high) and tells me my dpo. It takes 3 days of heightened temps before it marks your ovulation day. I did the tests and totorials that come with the app and learned a lot from it.



    armywife08-I am not with child and am not using soy but am using the OPKs. I used them this cycle and am now in the tww. I will try to answer questions if I can.

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