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    Congrats on the new bfps! As for me…CD 32..33..idk anymore. I am so frustrated. BFN everyday (poas addict and STILL no AF.) Has anyone else noticed the veins on their chest and bbs becoming increasingly darker? What about areola’s getting darker? Why do I have all the symptoms and am no pregnant?!!! 🙁 Well, the state fair is here today so I am gonna entertain myself and take my kiddos to ride rides. Maybe I can forget about AF and she will just show on her own…lol.



    lol…diane i feel you, i’ve been off all summer and that’s all i do is clean, i’m ready to go back to work and be a grown up again..!



    Hey ladies hope all is well I have atarted cramping so af is surly around the corner should start tomarro. I went out and got some tampons instead of anouther test. This next cycle I’m not gonna try no opks or temping or cervical checks just gonna bd everyother day also not gonna buy any test till I’m late. Maybe I’m just obsessong over ttc to much every other time I got pg it was a surprize and I knew before a positve test. October is post to be my lucky month so we will see.



    La Chica- When I was trying to track my ovulation I was getting strong + OPK’s but no EWCM so I don’t really know if I ever actually ovulated but I do know I didn’t get pregnant.. LOL.. sorry I know that really doesn’t answer your question


    WOW, im losing it i just went to take my folic acid, evening primrose oil and multivitamin tablet… AGAIN, ive already had them this morning went to put one in my mouth just and thought, hang on and realised ive already done that today DOH!!



    She’s off being pregnant somewhere 😉 lol – Her little boy had one heck of a stomach flu, perhaps her hands are full with poor litte guy and settling in after her move the other day. ASHES!!!! HELLOOOOOOOO!!



    Congrats to all these BFPs!!!! So exciting!!! Wishing you all a happy healthy 9 months!!! Hope these BFPs keep up!



    yeah i have to fabulous, i have low progesterone and i need to know when i O so i can take it after O


    hey ladies, im also a addic to this site haha, and also a addict to POAS lol. today is cd27 ( i think) not to sure if i ovulated but has some cramping the last few days may go poas with a opk, i really dont have regular cycles, i doubt ill have an af show up this week, i doubt im pregnant, 6 days to go and i get my ultrasound to see how all is in there, my Fingers are crossed sooo tight that i hope my pcos isnt here with revengeance.



    Sorry its so big



    dmmarinewife – the only symptom i was having was the tenderness. I will be testing on tuesday. I few days ago i had headaches, cramping lately but off and on and now i feel dehydrated but i have been drinking water.. Wishing u luck when u test on Monday.



    I know, you try so hard not to obsess and keep yourself busy, but it’s always in the front of my mind! When will you test again Amanda and eeyore?


    Kattie how long are your cycles …. mine are 30 days at the shortest …. 44 at the longest so far??



    I ordered them from Amazon and they are always negative. THe opks did get positive though



    Alesia, I think you should definitely take a test. Do it tomorrow with fmu. I don’t know how anyone waits until their period is late… I’m only 10dpo and I took one this morning (bfn) 🙁 but it’s still early. I had spotting yesterday and AF didn’t show today. The only times I get spotting are the day before AF, or at the end of AF (of course), and implantation bleeding. I had implantation bleeding with my last pregnancy (but ended in m/c), so I’m hoping that that means I’m pregnant again! I’m out of tests so I can’t test tomorrow! I’m an addict! Lol!

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