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    LaChica…..I would say you ovulated on the 7th



    babedci-AFis due on the 31st…justcurious- whats the wives tale about vivid dreams? I had a really odd dream, but somethings- seemed so real I had to question whether or not it really happened.In my dream, I dreamt, I had extremely light spotting,but felt like maybe it was AF coming? And all day, since I’ve woken up- have had cramps on my right side…If I can test on the 28th and its a BFP- I wil wait til that evening to tell DH- as that is our 5 yr anniversary and also DS 3rd bday, and the marine corps ball…busy busy day…



    LC i’m on at work as well, iap is so addictive!



    Mommytoabi – Holy sheeeeeeetttt
    !! 🙂 BFP right there!!!


    ok ladies….something new. Im 5 dpo and this evening i feel like a combination of a little nausaus and a little dizzy…kind of floaty? I dont know…it doesnt feel good or normal…hopefully a good sign?



    Congrats Brandyleigh,, MOT & MommyMelissa1 on your BFPs! Thank you everyone for you congrats. 10DPO and I am now getting faint lines on internet cheapies (last time I didn’t for days after my first FRER) I am planning on testing again in a couple of days with a FRER, but It does look like I am up the duff!



    I’m so sleepy, and right now it feels like my bed is at the other end of a football field…. ughhhh, gotta drag my butt up stairs and catch some Zzz’s. Talk to ya later lovely ladies!!! Good luck to all in the 2WW!



    Thanks damnkat…I hope the BC and clomid work for you and you get your BFP soon! Dawn..I had the same problem yesterday when I tried to use it…just went back to FF and checked that instead. I just came back from my regular doctor…I swear, do all doctors have an inate ability to make you feel stupid for asking for a simple blood test? I get that there are far too many people crying wolf, but geez…I’m already an emotional wreck and I kinda felt like crying when I left because I felt like I shouldn’t have asked about my thyroid. Anyway…he was really nice about it and ordered a full panel (my appt for the blood draw is this Wed), but I felt like a moron for even asking, ugh. I did mention that we were trying and have been the last 6 months with no luck and he morphed into GYN mode and started asking about my cycles and whatnot…hopefully I find something out…even if there’s nothing wrong, I’d rather know than not!



    im good k! 🙂 getting ready to go out for birthday supper with one of my sisters and my other sisters daughter (neice)



    get bd’ing dmmarine!!!! Any kind of symptoms came to a hault today as I awoke this morning with a very bad YI (sorry f TMI Yeast Infection!) Barely been able to move all day… ugh!



    afternoon ladies!! i have a questions and the mummas to be may be able to answer…i am cd22 possibly dpo,,, past two days i have had a small ish amount of creamy cm (not a normal thing for me) and today its PINK!! i know implantation can cause like spotting,, but wouldnt that be actual blood not cm? my cycles last anywhere from 27 to 30 ish days so i am not sure if it may be af coming?? past few days i have had mild cramps and twine in the middle and to the side of my lower tum….. does anyone know what this may be??thanks lovelies!! ;)))


    gahhh i wish time would just hurry up already….im sick of waiting! CD 6 is so boring and AF still hasn’t left. lol


    cpalmer – When do you test next?



    Lissie- my DD is 9months and I’m still bfeeding also.. I just got my first AF at the end of october and did notice a lil spotting and lots of ewcm during that month ( I thought maybe I was prego already but it was just my body going back to normal and my AF coming)



    Tarajo: We missed the eggie, I THINK!!! I’m praying we did, but doubt it. Last time we bded was Wed and I ovulated on Sunday =( We got in a fight so there went that bd on SUnday…AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

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