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    So my temp was 97.7 this morning. I just redid it now and is back at 99.5. Is that good?



    I also have had AF throughout BF, just not regular



    toveandbrody- ive had about 10? somewhere around there…my periods went normal, just like they were before i had my son, soon after birth.



    Chrisluv – i really hope so. Testing again in the morning



    hi everyone! it’s me…again. im on and off because i get so down when i get a bfn. i ‘c’ some new faces/names and am missing some familiar ones. here’s my story…my hubby and i have been trying for a year, but dont bd like and when we r suppose to. for a while, we were keeping up with the dates and all that, but so many things have gotten in the way..hence..the not like we r suppose to above…
    i have gotten so discourages dometimes and im really sick of people saying’ just dont think about it’ How do u not think about it. my hubby and i have two different schedules which have really pt a damper on things b/c i dont want bd-ing to b a job, but shoot, i guess we have to get it on/in (LOL) whenever we can if i want to b a mommy
    sigh…whats a girl to do? any advice


    Well ladies, a year after my loss I got my BFP on Saturday!! I’m excited but scared. Just going to take it one day at a time. Wishing all of you sticky baby dust! xoxo



    Yup mrs tranum I’m 9dpo and testing. Bfn this mornin though 🙁



    Ladies I think this is it. Im on day 29, so 1 day late. Im tired, my breasts have been sore for nearly 2 weeks, Im nauseous and my cervix is very difficult to reach. Im scared to get excited though…..after over 2 years of trying I need the proof. I think I may go see the doctor today for a blood test. Wish me luck, lets hope its true!!! Best wishes to you all



    This is the second time I’ve eaten something that I normally love and it has a rather nasty taste to it! Last night I actually threw away part of a Little Debbie fudge cake. Now I’m eating a cheese quesidilla (I’m a serious cheese addict!), and it really does NOT taste good. I didn’t take an opk, so I’m kind of guessing, but yesterday morning I had what I think might be ovulation pain, so this would only be 1dpo. I’m cd 15. What’s going on?!?


    I am in month 10, and several women will be having babes in June, Again! So yes, you can get pregnant again right away. Especially if you don’t breast feed, as that sends a signal to your body that you don’t have a baby and can make you super fertile imediately.



    Hi ladies, AF was supposed to show yesterday, but didnt, and now i feel kinda sick to my belly, i did a few days a week ago too, but figured it was too early to tell, its almost midnight here in Ontario and its killing me, I wanna know… do u ladies think I should do a test today or wait til tomoro??



    I hope so !


    Waiting – That’s a solid BFP alright! Congrats hunny and sticky babydust!!!



    Michelle, it has lasted a couple days and it has been on my right side. This time I had very very small cramps Tuesday and then yesterday it hurt to walk. I think the clomid makes you more tender too. but today very very minor tender and no cramps



    xxjaxnexx- thanks for your input. i just don’t understand anything. me and my fiancee are trying but i just dont understand why the tests came out negative, and why my period was 8 days late, then came. i’m just confused :/

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