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    Yay Brit! Lots of baby dust to u!! I have a feeling I’m not as I have a bit of cramping today which I get usually 5 days before af. I’m due monday but I am soooooo hoping & praying this is our month 🙂



    Oh wow coco I think im ganna go and buy some preseed if we have no luck this cycle!



    carmen I wanna know lol!



    Hi I was just wondering does anyone know anybody that got preggy after having their tubes clamped? I had a c-section and got my tubes clamped almost 4 months ago. I had a period for the first time last month that was normal. Now I am on day 37 of the cycle. I have been nausated for a few day, extremely tired (more than normal), having migraines (which I did with my daughter), and my boobs are suddenly very sore….I wonder if I could be preggers. What do ya’ll think?



    Has anyone conceived easily when you can’t chart ovulation easily. My periods since my first born who is 20 months old now have been inconsistent. I get one every month but the range from 24 to 32 days apart… We decided we want to try for another baby but missed last month… I am not discouraged since we only tried for one month so far but just wondered if anyone else has a cycle like mine. TIA



    I get a mixture of different colored test lines Lisa. They are faint, then fainter, then faint again lol. Then they finally get darker.

    Update on me: I definitely O’d this month! Here’s my chart. =]



    I think i’m bored because I just wrote a long blog about peeing on a stick lol. You are all welcome to give it a squiz if you get bored too 🙂


    Hello Ladies…..
    I am not new to this TTC forum but I am back to start again. I had a MC in January and I held off on TTC for a bit. I thought I would wait till July but im getting baby fever so Im just going to start up again. Hope we are all here for a short time and if you’ve been here for awhile i hope this month or next is your time!!!
    ~~~BABY DUST~~~~



    Almost time to get back to TTC. I was going through some testing the past couple of months. I had blood work done, had two ultra sounds. All and all i’m fairly heathly when it comes to my lady parts.. lol just a slight hormonal imbalace, however I didn’t ovulate last month, and my obgyn discovered I have a thick uterine wall. So she put me on 7 days of 100 mg progesterone. I am on day 4 of the pills, and I feel pretty good. I take it before bed, because my OB said it could make me sick. She want’s me to get a good period so I can flush out the uterus, then she said we can start working on getting pregnant. So hopefully we will be pregnant in the next couple of months.



    hey ladies. how is everyone today? im good, in my 1WW…


    i just realized , it seems a lot of us are on the same CD day … wow



    I don’t think there’s any way to intentionally make your kid fat as a baby. They’ll only eat what they want. Good luck getting them to eat more!



    Thank u. I hope you get the bfp! I dont think its still too early for me, because I normally o right around 14-16cd. So my tests are accurate by now. Normally. I hate this 🙁 When trying for my second I got pregnant the first month. The other two I wasnt trying. My third was an oopsy, but I got preg right after I met my now husband. Ive just always been fertile…



    We’ve only had him a week, the little bastard cost us 600$ he’s only 9 weeks old. But when we got milie she only cried the first 3 days we had her then she never did again, but we were in a different house then and tahlias room was nowhere near her.



    Mgoodly, I spotted in my pregnancy early, and All’s I could do was wait it out. And take it easy. It did go away with in 2 days and it stayed brown.

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