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    I used the trigger shot yesterday! Yay!!!!! We BD Thursday pm, sat am, sun am/pm and will again tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday. I am to start progesterone suppositories wed night and can start testing for pregnancy Sunday after next (14th). Hopefully it all works out and I get bfp! At my aono I had 1 follicle in each ovary 🙂 I pray 1 if not both fund and egg and implant for a nice long 9mo!
    GL ladies!!!!


    Oooo im going to be starting this charting my temp soon and ive friend fertility friend and its still all confusing…im not really understanding the rise and the falls and what signif they have with Oing or being pregnant…hmpp



    Good night ladies! Sticky Baby dust to everyone!



    thanks. its killing me to wait until tomorrow. i know im not gonna sleep. but i have NO symptoms… i think this is worse than 2ww !


    11dpiui — testing tomorrow!



    What do you think caused your spotting a few days ago? Just curious!



    ok so I have a charting question… I am a bartender, so on my nights off I got to bed at 11 and wake between 8:30-9:30 when my kids get up and come to my room so if I wake up at 8 just to look at the clock I will hurry up and take my temp then before my kids come in, but when I work I don’t get home until 3 am or so and I don’t usually wake up until my kids come in there, so for instance today my 3 year old came in at 9 and I said good morning to her and then took my temp… will the fluctuating amount of time I spend sleeping affect my temps? my first temp was 97.56, then dipped to 96.86 then 96.8 today, CD16. so I know I started temping CD 13 right around ovulation time but It doesn’t seem like I could have ovulated yet due to those temps and how they dipped right? or do they always dip right after ovulation?


    Thanks! I am CD 33 today and thought that when I got my BFN on Sunday morning I was out of the running for this month….now I just want to test again! DH said he’s going to splurge on a digital test for me to take tomorrow or day after…can’t wait!



    Lovinlivin we are a couple that bd almost every night then take a break for a day or so then back to every day but for some reason as soon as DH knows he needs to be a energizer baby makin bunny he needs more help lol I’m then older one and he is 36 lol but he at that moment says he is too old to do it on demand lol. So I have to make it fun. That is easy for me since I use to counsel couples on their relationship and their bd problems. My business was to set up special romantic nights for them (weddings/Anne., just because I love you, ect) or just help them finds ways to bring back the spicy. So yes when we are all in the baby making time it is hard to have fun when it is so on a schedule and so much is riding on when you bd.



    ((HUGS)) for anyone getting BFNs or AF! Hang in there ladies! Well, I am for sure in the hormonal mess that is the 2WW. This morning while driving to work, I saw a minor fender bender – no injuries, but one of the drivers was a girl, maybe 17, and she was crying so much, I’d say worried she would be in trouble wih her parents for having an accident… I wanted to get out of my car and give her a hug and tell her not to worry, that her folks would just be thankful that she was ok! Then I heard on a local radio station a woman winning concert tickets to see Lady Gaga in Ottawa – she was so happy she was crying – she will take her daughter who turns 14 the day of the concert (next weekend). This woman has never left this province before. How wonderful to win a trip, and share this with her daughter… so I start welling up all over again!! Argh, hormones!!!! LOL!!! *sniff*


    ya we are pulling out all the stops. im gunna start temping again since i now wake up at same time everyday, doing the opks and following the sperm meets egg plan. i just let last month happen the way it happened and not only did i not get pregnant, o no, buti freaking started early. 26 day cycle which is very wacko. im a 30 day kinda gal. 🙁 ok well maybe my body decided to go into hyper drive and get going on this month. positive thought here on! this is MY MONTH!!!! (please?)



    thats really cute bdoe 🙂 just your description would make anyone want another baby LOL!!



    Thanks girls I’m excited!!! I will b calling the drs office on Monday. I hope all u guys get ur BFP too so we can all move to the pregnancy section together.



    Hello ladies, 7dpo today and my chart is still looking great. Yesterday I started feeling majorly bloated/cramping, along w/ a backache. Same thing today too, and way too early for AF. Praying this is it. If my temps keep looking great I’ll probably test Fri or Sat. Best of luck to everyone else!!



    inkdoll-YAY! Glad your hubby is a happy and willing participant sooner than expected:)…duffy- Thank you♥…babyfamilylove -((hugs)) I am so sorry.Been there myself before..MOMIIB- GL and FX for a bfp!..felishamarie24 – I wish I could decorate for Halloween. We live in the middle of nowhere and would be decorating for the cows in the field, if anything,lol.That is reassuring your patient had a healthy baby♥…alohamom3- That is cool they were able to remove your stone without the invasive surgery. Mine were too big and in a funky location of my kidneys. Same here though, with not letting it deter me from TTC. It is what it is and I have to just deal with it…ingodstime – That is an awesomely positive perspective to keep:) I know stressing over TTC does not do a body good, and as your name implies, it is all in God’s time indeed…shaym007- Welcome back:) Ive been TTC going on my 9th month now. I know of many women who have had great luck with conceiving with pcos issues, just a matter of time…NixSa- I’d give it another day or two to test, hcg normally doubles every 48-72 hrs in the very beginning. Depends on the sensitivity of the tests too though. Definitely sounds promising and I am keeping my FX for you!…Faith-Star-X – Yeah, somtimes AF is unpredictable. Mine usually returned about 5-6 weeks after a loss. Then again though, they say you are most fertile after the end of a pg, wether loss or delivery. Many have gotten a bfp before AF ever returned:)…So cd14 and I still have cm. Im loving this,lol. I think my body FINALLY got with the program. The gender chart showed a boy if I conceive this month. All in good fun. I have conceived 6 girls before my boy, so not holding out much faith in the charts right now:)

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