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    babyhope – trust me, you are not the only person who looks for any way possible to make the 2ww go as fast as possible!!! It drags for us all. Sadly, no-one seems to have come up with a way of speeding time up. Keeping as busy as possible does help though.



    Aloha: very well written about age and ttc. I recall being young and thinking that I had my entire life ahead of me. A year turned into five, five into ten, ten into twenty, and before I knew it, I was 25 years out of high school! Now I feel like I want to sneak in another 1-2 babies if I can, since that door will be closing soon and when it does, there are no more chances. It is now or never for me.



    Either Hoping – but you can add a chart note to clarity the time



    Thinking of you inkdoll. No its not safe to deworm while preggoz thats why i did it now….



    It’s possible Jenny, but the bleeding you’ve had in those cases woud not be considered a ‘period’ – it would be a type of implantation bleeding. with my son I had light watery bleeding for three days when AF was due. If you have the bleeding, and are pregnant, you should get a + on a HPT at this point.


    meggz- I had a miscarriage after getting my IUD out. Had it out end of November, got pregnant December and miscarried in February. They told me that the IUD had caused scar tissue along my uterine walls and my body needed to flush it out, and the baby couldn’t grow because there wasn’t enough healthy tissue. After the miscarriage and a few cycles we were able to conceive. Your experience was my worst fear!



    lasal-i never got the ewcm and i got preggers with baby #3 i am 5 wks 4 days, so just keep trying 🙂



    TA77 This may sound gross, but in the past I have actually used a diaphragm to in a sense stop my period for times when I wanted to have sex during my period, but without the yuck. LOL It worked perfectly!



    katrich. CONGRATS………. that is awesome. I wish I could be that luck. 11dpo on a hunch. THAT IS AWESOME hugs….



    Ok seriously someone needs to contact an admin for a like button! Lol



    smashley- the urine test at the hospital may have not been an early pregnancy test. As you are not due for AF until tomorrow, I would say more than likely, the test at the hospital was not as sensitive as the one you used previously. Try and test again tomorrow. Get a digi if you can, as it will tell you straight up, pregnant or not pregnant. Good luck!!!



    Dm- my mittens ruined me too. Took two surgeries to remove it and dr said he was unsure how it would affect future pregnancies over a year and a miscarriage later here I am still trying. But please don’t let that scare you jfer because like dm said, it can affect everyone differently.



    My temp went up again by .2 and my opk is still positive. This isn’t making sense to me!



    Is it possible to have an implantation dip at 4-5po on your chart?


    Seeq ~ I get the ovulation pain also. Last month I thought it was AF early it was so bad…almost unbearable! Waiting for my positive OPK this week!!! Only ~ I would call the dr. just to be safe!

Viewing 15 posts - 78,091 through 78,105 (of 131,346 total)

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