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    alliegirl- Sorry, I cant see any line either, but thats not saying there isnt one, just a blurry pic.FX your intuition is right and you get a bfp that is beyond any doubt…babyknight- I always heard BFing was a pretty good form of birth control:)…terriann20 – Yay!! Glad you got a 2nd chance:)…luv2teach- The internet cheapies are the way to go if you are a poas addict,lol. Wondfo is a well known accurate brand. I get mine on Ebay, 20HPT and 20 OPK for $8.00. You can do all kinds of combos of the two for different prices…flmommy – My cervix was super high right before I got my bfp with my last pregnancy. Im not sure where it is supposed to be for AF, but it was definitely out of the norm for me.



    ok so ive been up since 4:15am. cant sleep been feeling nauseaus since last night. hopefully its cause im gonna get a BFP soon. i went out and bought another HPT or what i thought was one and just the wrapper was in the box. it was actually kinda gross i was hoping that the HPT wouldnt come falling out used or something haha. thank god it wasnt. DH was snoring so bad last night i could barely sleep then he woke up at 3:30 am to get ready for work and he turned on the bedroom light i wanted to kill him. and i tried to go back to sleep but he kept making noise and being a butthead so i couldnt go back to sleep. oh well. how is everyone today and congrats on all the BFP’s


    Babybrown, my husband says the same thing. I know this is true but it can be hard to tell my emotions to line up. I have a friend that was tracking her O and AF with an app and got preg. Try and stay positive and Know that we r all going through the same. My thoughts and prayers are with you 🙂 I hope God blesses you with that sweet little one very quickly. It sounds like you’ve had a rough go of things.



    Oh and I added my chart anyways.



    I believe I have ovulated today ladies … Ewcm, increased sex drive and a couple of minute twinge in my left ovary earlier this also means if I am right then my cycle length has decreased by one day to 27 days xxx


    Sorry can I just ask what does FRER stand for?



    Keegansmommy – I can also see 2 lines 🙂



    Haha bex, I tested 9dpo lol but hey lc got a bfp on 8dpo so u never know! Goodluck.. Tabs, oh yeh I have a jiggly tummy to! haha I was so bloated the other day I looked about 5 months pregnant I couldn’t even suck it in! Lol



    Dsquared3- that is my question also. I bought the equate first step brand at wal-mart for $3.98 and I took it last night (wanted to wait to the morning but couldn’t wait) anyway last night it looked pretty negative so I put it down..then I go back to take a shower about 1 hour later and their is a faint positive line. I know it says to diregard the results after 5 -10 minutes but the line is there and it is killing me. I would retest again BUT my problem is that if I am pregnant. .it should be very clear by now not faint so I don’t think I want to getaanother test. What would you guys do?



    good morning ladies!!!!!


    Hey all How are you and where are you in your cycle? I’m on cd 23 and 8dpo (I think) that’s if my cycle is back on track now. I don’t think I will conceive this month since we only did the deed on CD15 when I guess my most fertile day would have been CD14. But in saying that if my dates are slightly wayward CD15 could have been the day :0 never thought of that until now. This makes me happy again 🙂



    Thanks ladies, your answers were the same as what I read but it’s nic e to hear it from people that you chat with. My fingers are so crossed. I had a later shower today doing laundry and house work. When in the shower and the water hit my nipples (sorry tmi) they were sensitive and now my bb are just achy more so then normal. Guess time will tell.



    Congrats to lovinlivin and loraclacey!! Wishing you both a happy & healthy 9 months♥♥



    MelindaS – I sure hope your bleeding is just related to implantation. When I was pregnant with my son I did bleed for three days. It was light bleeding, but enough to need a light flow pad. That was right at the 4 week mark, when AF was due. It was heavy enough that I was convinced it was my period. I did not find out until I was almost 8 weeks pregnant when I was feeling ‘off’ and decided to test. Well the bleeding was not a period at all – it was related to the egg implanting and my uterus getting ‘used to’ something being in there. There were two lines on that pregnancy test before the pee even hit the stick! lol – I sure hope your blood test shows the hCG is building nicely. Take care!



    It means pregnant Maggie!!! Congrats

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