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    Yup looks like a nice bfp to me also…
    Just wondering what you all thought but to those that get bfps,,,what do you think about doing a blog about your cycle that lead to a bfp? just so it can give hope if our cycles are similar or if some ladies are tracking the same things as you? for eg. when you O and on which day you bd,, did you use meds or pre seed or was there anything you did that you feel improved your chances….cause i know we all try so hard but then after O you think darn it,,, i dont think it will happen as i did not do or did not use this or that?? you know?? what do you think?? ;)) goodluck TTCers!! xox



    so, am I crazy??! lol aug 2nd and 3rd I had spotting and I was excited thinking it was implantation bleeding, but then af came on the 4th and last a regular week…now i’m wondering though, if it was implantation and my body just didn’t have time to register that I was pregnant in time to signal the stopping of af…what do you ladies think? I was feeling diff about the time that the spotting happened and I have been SO exhausted this past week+…would it be worth testing? Sorry if this seems’s driving me nuts and I don’t have any one else to discuss it with…thanks for the support and input!



    rylans for some reason i jst want to cry at your post & i dont know why, must be O making me overly emotional lol x



    Hehehe i’m glad i’m not the only crazy on here .lol Have a great day lady’s



    Hey ladies, i have a question for you. e and my hubby are TTC, we have a 1 yr old boy. Well AF is two weeks late and i’ve been doing tests but still negative (it took 8 weeks to show positive with our son). for the past two days i have had loads of watery discharge (sorry TMI), just wondered if anybody else had this, i don’t remember it with Oakley. good luck to everybody else TTC. x


    Hey Ladies have been on much in the past month, After my mc in June I was really couldnt get ttc off my mind. plus adding on the fact af didnt come for ages!!!! I really thought I would be the same if not worse after she did. But She came August 25th. I don’t think I have ever been soo happy! – just piece of mind that everything was back to normal. Ttc hasn’t been playing on my mind too much lately, Just now that I know AF should be coming within the next week or so, I am starting to think weather I should expect my cycles to be pretty similar as they used to be, before the mc. Or because it took soo long for them to return could I still be waiting a while? What have you ladies experience that have gone through this?….
    I just don’t want to get my hopes up if she doesn’t show up when I am expecting her too. =/



    I have been taken the folic acid since the middle of October they say it is good to start taking about a month before you are ttc and I am also taking a prenatal vit my dr prescribed I wonder how much b6 is in it? Hm will have to check. Maybe I will be picking some up tommorow hehe


    lilly omg yay! so it took 8 months after stopping mirena. thats good to know bc its been 7months for me. and this will b our 6x trying. yay. 🙂



    well ladies so much for sprig here. woke up to 15 cm of snow on the ground. just discovered that I sure didn’t plan taking my AF pills very well. lol. I just hope that it takes 5 days for her to visit after the last pill. See my last pill falls 2 days before our Annv. Stupid me forgot to check that out. oh well I guess I will have to give him part of his annv gift early, lol.



    Its blackberry messenger. Urgh I don’t want a facebook page for us! I love this site and anything other than us on here just wouldn’t be the same!



    Bree im due af around the 5th i think my cycles have been slightly different each month so i have been writing them on my page so i dont forget, it was 30days last month so im going by that this month ..good luck x


    7th baby i hadnt noticed before but just now barely squeezing my boobs is a lil painful. pts mostly my nipples. almost bought a test today. i went to cvs and 2x i went to the test aisle but i overcame it! lol im just scared if i test itll be negative…… and thatll just hurt like crazy. i feel sooooooo pregnant that it has to be positive. but im just scared. i want it so bad that im worried that my body is making it all up. 🙁



    @jjs – thats good news about the clomid! hopefully that will work & ull get a BFP next cycle 🙂 babydust!



    ingodstime: your not out yet…. 🙂



    Thanks for the add annas 13month is sat here playing with my hair, then she looks rouns and talks to me, then carries on lol..think she going to be a hairdresser lol..only 3 more days til af due!! x

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