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    OMG pos OPK this morning. Just BD’d, should be day of O tomorrow. OMG I can’ wait to POAS with HPT’s.



    Sometimes those dollar ones are better than any other! A line is a line! :0) Enjoy!



    So, hubs and I have been trying for 10months. Losing hope. No doctor I know will give me meds to have another baby because I have 6. My heart aches every month I get a negative. Hubs don’t want to try again after December. Fingers crossed.

    Good to be back. Haven’t had internet or a phone in close to a month. I broke 2 phones in 2 weeks time. Hopefully I will have more luck wish this one.


    Congrats Lucky!!!! Did I read your page right%^&^ you have a 3 month old!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go girl!



    OMG ALICIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!



    Thanks for the input! That’s what I love these forums! 🙂



    no way Tassy, cold in winter? strange! hehe Its always bloody cold in the UK! Hi Berry, sorry to hear the old cow AF arrived 🙁 At least you are NOT menopausal – hehe x x x



    good night ladies.. I am going to bed and little BFPs for all are going to be dancing in my head.



    I was so happy I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it said ‘YES+’ – we were THRILLED. I took three more tests and all negative. Took two more this morning and negative again. I’m just so sad 🙁



    Well – they do say that once you stop trying and relax all sorts of things can happen… and whilst hubby is ‘pulling out’ this is not necessarily always the best contraceptive….
    though I’m guessing that if you have been trying.. a little surprise wouldn’t be bad news…..


    Mama2LT….AF is due in a week on January 12. I will definatly keep everyone updated though:)


    blessed daily……i hope you get your bfp for december, but it will suck if you bought all that stuff for nothing (you get pg right away, before you get to use it.) hehe…….wouldn’t that be ironic……LOL


    I think AF showed. yesterday i thought it came, but to me it could be implantation bleed since I didn’t bleed that much and was kinda brownish, i bledthat during the night too. But when went to toilet it was red :-(.. I was hoping it was just implantation bleed but seems not to be.. Now I got a long wait b4 I can get my chance again..



    Berry – stop it with your adventureous sex!!! you make me jealous! I havent got the balls to do it. I get too scared we will get caught! Right, I will be quiet for a bit, my boss has requested a concall at 10am, which is VERY rude cos not only does it interrupt my chat with you lovely ladies, it also stops me watching Jeremy Kyle (Pocahontas and tmg, its a chat show where people discuss their private lives, so sad people like me can watch and think ‘thank goodness my life isnt THAT bad!) x x shouldnt be long x



    Jenny, sperm live on average 3 – 5 days, but weak ones will die after an hour, and strong ones that make it to the fallopian tubes might last 7 days (but they are pretty weak after day 3). The more BD you can get in before Friday, the better!

Viewing 15 posts - 79,666 through 79,680 (of 131,346 total)

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