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    WHOOPS! – Ive had sore BBs for the last couple of days now, but sometimes it seems like it might be in my head….until I accidentally bump one of them, then I’m reminded that the pain is real



    Oh good, I thought it was my new laptop.
    I’m ttc this month for the first time after miscarriages. I’ve had a break for the last six months to get myself better, but I’m going for it this month.



    just found this info on baby asprin::::::::::::::::::::Why take baby aspirin?
    Well, I believe it does suppress natural killer cells in the uterus, so it is used for those with immune problems. It has other effects on the immune system that I don’t fully understand – I will try to find out more. But, it also improves blood flow to the ovaries, improving follicle development, and improves blood flow to the uterus, improving the quality of the uterine lining. This increases the odds that implantation will be successful. Also, during pregnancy, it will help to prevent mc or fetal demise in those prone to blood clots. Having blood clots form in the placenta and/or umbilical cord in the cause of many of these pg losses.

    There’s a great article in People magazine (the one with Di on the cover) about a women who had failed many IVF, presumably due to a weak uterine lining. Her sister agreed to be a surrogate but they also decided to give both women a few embryos. They both got pregnant. They said they don’t know why this worked when all other attempts had failed but they think it was due to her starting to take baby aspirin 2 weeks before the transfer.

    A good friend of mine just got pregnant after 10+ years of infertility (PCOS). It was a complete surprise. They were even using condoms!! But, they only thing different she did was she started taking daily aspirin for an unrelated reason several weeks before conception!

    My clinic has also given their blessing for me to take it.

    So, in light of this recent evidence, I am now an advocate for its use!



    julz – I agree with you, there are times I find myself cheering on TTC ladies more then myself!


    oh nice missy~~ my last one was the 26th too!! I took a test this morning but it was BFN.. I’m going to try agian in the next couple days.. I feel like I could be this month ( I have 3 kids already) so… your BFP gives me hope!! I used an OPK this month and had a positive the 11th, 12th, asn 13th day.. and we BD almost everyday up until the 9th (going for a girl) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.. part of me thinks I’m giving myself symptoms in hope… Congrat’s on your BFP!!! Hopefully I’ll see you in the next week area!!!



    Dawn you are such an inspiration!



    I am only 5 dpo but I am going crazy with the tww and my bubbies are a little sore. I guess I will have to be patient!



    hey anyone here?


    I’m buying a test today and testing in the morning with fmu. I am so scared, I have never felt like this about testing I mean I’m about to cry. I just don’t know how I’m going to handle a bfn after the mc.



    *HUG* Maureen



    Well Ladies, today is CD 28 for me, I’m too scared to test or waste one…so i’m waiting until CD35 if i dont get AF to test. Wish me luck! **baby dust*** to all!!



    Go Phoenix!



    claire-charge — Hiiiiiiiiiii… first, you have a BEAUTIFUL daughter. 😀 Secondly, did I read right that yuo mc’d last month? I am sorry you had to go thru that. I had a mc four years agoand it was REALLY hard on me. As far as your faint pink line, I am just concerned that it is the remnants of your last pregnancy. I know I had to go in for several wks after my miscarriage and had my blood tested til the preg hormone dropped to nothing. OR some kind of evaporation line? Whenever I have tested I got a YAY or NAY… 30 minutes. Dunno… That is a long time for a supersensitive tes to take t to READ a +… What did instructions say about time-line to read???



    Question can you have a positive OPK 2 days before AF?



    tarryn-we have been ttc for 6 months, but only taken it totally seriously for this will be the 3rd month…currently in the 2ww, 4dpo

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