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    Aw gee thanks pheonix! I was solo excited cuz I thought I was having implantation bleeding and then wham af showed up in full force early! But I am determined to catch up! This month I have pressed, saliva monitor, bbt, opk and am thinking of taking cough syrup to thin out my cm a smidgeon. And then I intend to be every two days plus an extra here or there for the next 20 days ! If that doesn’t work I don’t know what I’ll do! 😉



    Sherry…have a GREAT evening with the hubby!


    ya after the m/c last month i had 2 – hpts and a – blood test and for the last 2 weeks i have been getting very positive tests even at the doctor last monday and they are getting darker plus the clearblue conception indicator tests are showing that im progressing………so i dont know


    congrats hippiechick!!!!!!!! Yay on the bfps!!!!!!!! I woke up feeling neauseated this morning uhg but its only cycle day 13 for me been bding almost everyday after my period! So still gonna be bding until whenever lol man i love my family!!!



    firenipples… that was me on baby #1


    Ok question if i took clomid on cycle days 2-6 would i ovulate early or the same my lmp was august 5th……hmmmm just wondering?



    hi all i just got back from the dr shes was so dumb she said my test was neg and the line is so bright im going to post a pic u have a look and tell me what you think



    Does anyone else have very long cycles? Its really getting me down. Its hard enough to conceive as it is without only having a few shots a year. I really dont know whether to go to the doctors or not, we have only been trying for three months but my cycles are an on going problem I was supposed to go for tests a couple of years ago but couldnt go because I had fallen pregnant in the mean time. I think the fact that I fell pregnant before naturally will go against me. Even though we hadnt been using birth control for over a year and I had assumed I was pretty much infertile. Anyone else struggle with long cycles and any natural ways I can shorten them?



    kingsley – could be implantation cramps, you’ve got some positive indicators… maybe just too early to test +. Why can’t this be easier huh?



    Wends and Eve….My Af is also due this monday. I am horribly addicted to testing so i will for sure be testing friday morning. I dont feel any syptoms yets though im not sure if it would jsut be to early. Hope you gusy get BFP’s!!!! Good luck!



    hubby and i have our names picked too LOL



    Yams eh? I think i may need to get some hehe!






    Hiiiiiii Mavy. HUGS …. I have a lot more patience than i used t o have. I married my kid’s father and went un protected for just over two years BEFORE I got pregnant with my oldest AND I cried every time AF came to visit AND every woman around me it seemed was getting pregnant. SOME make it look incredibly easy. I think the worst for me IS seeing someone I preceive as undeserving. HER NAME WAS LISA……….. So I understand. But you know mostly, I think people can be ignorant and not realize what they are saying sometimes…….. BRUSH IT OFF, head high dear. HUGS




Viewing 15 posts - 79,771 through 79,785 (of 131,346 total)

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