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    *BLAM* I just set off a baby dust bomb in the middle of the room… we’re all a mess with the stuff! Take advantage!!



    Hi Ladies!! Well got another BFN this morning!! Bummer!!!! It’s cool, I will just enjoy my summer with my hubby and son. Last summer I was a beached preggo whale so it will be nice to actually get out in the sun and enjoy the beach again. My hubby even told me last night that I need to go out and buy myself a bathing suit and beach accessories. Yay, I love shopping!! So most likely we won’t really ‘try’ again until after the summer. I will still be around here because I just can’t get enough of this site. Every morning I sit on my couch with my laptop and coffee and read about all the ladies trying to figure their little bodies out going through the same emotions I am. It is quite the journey but I am so glad to have this site to be able to meet other women I can totally relate with and share our stories. Thanks for always letting me vent and have a place to come to when my days feel turned upside down!!! :):):)



    LMAO…I’ll do my best. Yup…I am usually the one who has NO problems what so ever with the 2ww…not this month…no sir ‘E’ ! LOL



    aslo has anyone got any old wives tales or any gud ideas on how to concieve a boy lol


    I cant deny I was hoping to be ‘one of those stories’ this cycle-you know the ones where the family has tried to have a baby-cant-then adopts to later get pregnant-I was like WOW wouldnt that be something if something crazy like that could happen to me! or like my friend Kalpana who did her 7th ivf cycle with me on my second attempt-she even had 7 embryos transferred YES 7!!! no success….3 months later she sent me an email that she conceived naturally after 9 years , quarter of a million dollars, and many a hardship! So they do happen.



    Hi everyone, I am also due AF on Monday or Tuesday so will be testing this weekend (if not before). I’m soooooo trying not to test!!!! Help me to succeed please…. lol x



    Hi ladies, well today is CD8 and i went for a scan to check the follicles. Lots of little ones but nothing prominent yet, so more menopur and another scan on wednesday. I am in South Africa and i managed to get Preseed at one of the pharmacies here. I am so happy. Hopefully it will work for us.



    ladies question this is month 8 of ttc and this is month #2 that im going to use the opks since they proved to worked for me last month well i was thinking of starting to chart temps is it too late for me to start this month since im already on cd 5 just finished with af?



    Hi Ladies, Ive been reading along the past couple of weeks and thought id join in now i am starting to understand all the abbreviations 🙂
    Ive been on this site for a while now since I was pregnant with my daughter whos now 2. We have decided to try for another..well my husband thinks we arent actually ‘trying’ just not preventing falling pregnant so it happens when its suppose to… HA i just cant help myself and have already used opk’s this month..hehehe only cuz I have a extra long cycle that ranges from 34-40 days. So Im currently half way through my 2ww. I dont think its happening this month, but thats ok theres already mine and my daughters birthdays in may lol



    whatcouldbe- you’re so funny 🙂 I just giggled 🙂



    hi girls i wasnt on any treatment wen i caught the first time, we was due to have ici cuz my partner had a low count n we caught by ourselfs 🙂 wich was great il mention 2 my doctor about the clomid i really want a sister or brother for my little 1.xx



    hi girls my son is only 3 months and am now pregnant again there ius only going to be 1 year between them but thats the way i wanted it to have them close together i also have an 11 yr old girl im so happy just hope im not as sick with this pregnancy as i was with the last



    just noticed your comment about the storm DI – sounds very scary…..hope it doesnt get 2 bad :/



    excited4babies: I should get my hubby to read the forum – see if he picks up any symptoms :0] Then again, seeing all this might scare the boys away from TTC!



    I have to go to work in an hour if the roads are open! I was lucky where I am, 3 inches of rain today and 65mph winds. A few trees lost branches in my yard, and my clothes line pole snapped. Just to the west there are communities in state of emergency – just hope everyone is ok! Google ‘Igor Newfoundland’ to see all the crazy damage!

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