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    Hiya Cocoluv Sounds like a good sign to me – Had the same type of symptoms going on but i just kind of ignored them, next news had shock of my life with BFP! Good luck & baby dust Hxx



    Thanks everyone! I hope your stays here are short too! 🙂


    I just came off seasonique last month I had my AF on the first it is now the 17th and I have been taken ovulation tests since the 5th and still nothing. My cycle — well I dont really know what it is due it being irrigular most of the time… any suggestions of comments?



    cd 7 here and can’t wait to o and catch that egg. seems like its going by sooooo slowly. bex i am so sorry 🙁 gl to all the girls with appts coming up and gl to everyone testing soon 🙂 if af arrives this month i am going to try the soy isoflavone and as it happens i already have the cough med in my fridge so i will take that when i get pos opk this cycle. hopefully there will be a lot of bfp’s in here for christmas!!!


    AndreaMarieTTC1st – I cant believe some one would leave you a voice mail like that!! That is really messed up!!



    515baby- Af is due for me tomorrow aswell. FX she stays FAR FAR AWAY for us both !!! Best of luck,to you 😀


    thanks two2love!



    Boo to AF!!! Geeez she wont leave anyone alone these past couple days!!! Ughh. Liam GO GET A HPT!!! I think your prego!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂



    Sunflower–new pic up on my profile…hard to say, but does look a smidge darker to me. Trying not to get too hopeful, but I have to say brown spotting is likely a good sign I’d think!



    katmoma- do you have any pics of the OPK’s. We might be able to help you out on determining if/when they were pos.



    Thanks girls! I don’t wanna get my hopes up but i never have cramps until the day of af and bb’s never get sore. Ah i hope it’ll end up a bfp!!



    trying when will you be poas? 🙂



    aselleck – I’m gonna try! 🙂



    Haha, thankyou 🙂 it was hard, and very VERY painful, but thanks to lots sleep, a hot water bottle and a big box of chocs from partner and lots of positive planning and talking about the future (trying again sept/oct time) it made the pain lessen, and there is no point in being negative, it wasn’t meanta be this time. And I see it as making way for a healthier more sticky perfect egg next time 🙂 cuz I was spotting throughout, pretty much the day after I got my bfp I didn’t let partner near me, so now as you can imagine, were pretty looking forward to getting back to normal 😉



    thanks quyn- thats what I am hoping- I am anxiously counting the hours before I can go home and rape my husband LOL!

Viewing 15 posts - 80,011 through 80,025 (of 131,346 total)

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