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    ok so off to stupid school….. very moody and boobs are sore…. also watching transformers last night and started crying… what the heck is up with that??? sooo af is due sunday…. waiting till fri to take a test…. but thinking these may be symptoms af is on her way…… did i mention i hate school?



    @hoping – I’m addicted too, I’m at work and the site is always in one of my tabs. Throughout the day I’ll check to see the updates. I was the same way last time we were TTC’ing. @linzp1982 – I’m not sure when I ovulate. I got OPK’s last month but only had 7. I was testing every 2 days about and I never got my positive. I ran out of them before I could get a positive. This time I’ve got 15 of them so I won’t have to miss a day at all. I’ve also got something like 8 Hpts, great for early testing haha. I really hope that this is the month though. It would work out perfectly for us and my work. Baby dust to yous!



    I just want to say (just in case), please don’t judge me by my profile. What I mean is: I have been a member of this site over 700 days, except I deleted my old account and created something more private, much more private for this future pregnancy. After all the breaking of people’s trust that occured in the recent past, I just feel more comfortable incognito. I will probably post pics of my real belly when I’m pregnant, not pics of croissants with a bump. Because in reality, contrary to what my profile may indicate, I am not obsessed with French baking.



    millie mine do that half of the line is darker they say it still counts as a pos! glad hubs was home at the right time for ya! fx for ya this month 🙂 ill proobly be away when your testing 🙁 i will have to try and pop on lol



    hi ladies… this is my bd weekend, but i feel so miserable w/everything that’s going on. i cannot believe michael jackson is dead. i grew up listening to his songs.



    Hi ladies, well here it goes………..I just had baby back in January and she has changed my life! I never thought I could love someone so much! While I was pregnant I was absolutly certain I was going back to work after she was born to continue my career (british royal navy) and not have anymore kids. and now……… I hate the thought of going back to work and putting her in full time childcare she will only be 8 months old 🙁 and what do you know I am over the top broody! So Me and my man have decide to start trying for number 2!!!! WOW! I will return to work until it happens and then when its time to go on the next lot of maternity leave i will say goodbye to the Navy!
    Hope to join you all on your journeys
    Tash xxx



    southstar – I had a headache with Clomid for one or two days if I remember correctly, but I haven’t had anything with the soy. I hope it works!



    The next step will cost between $800 – $1000 cnd a month and no 100% that it will work. I can’t afford that on a off chance that it might. So unless he gives me femara for a full cycle then I am out for good.



    lol i know how u feel…but u need to keep the floors clean for him so ur doing it for a good reason


    oh Hoping meant to say that was with my daughter lol shes one now



    Acidic pH (vinegar) favors girl conceptions, basic (baking soda) favors boy conceptions… there is mention of using a very mild douche a few hours before BF of the vinegar or baking soda, but I don;t know if that is a good idea… you might be removing the necessary EWCM in the process… I would avoid douching and see if there is a food you can eat to help create acid/basic pH CM. Hmmm… now must Google acid/basic pH foods to eat…



    @lilboy4jen have you tried fertilityfriend. That’s the site I use and it’s great! Im not sure if you NEED to enter your cycle days though. I know I did. But you could try and see


    Cpalmer- you are funny! lol … Tif- Sorry to hear maybe you shouldn’t drink then and I hope u dont lose another one I will pray for u



    sarah~ it has never bothered me hun he was out of my life when i was 1 and my mum remarried when i was 3 and he has been the best dad i could ever ask for he does anything for me! i didnt even shed a tear when my real dad died as i cudnt feel anything for someone i didnt knw alot of ppl didnt understand how i wernt bothered but its like i explained to them he was a stranger to me so felt nothing he wernt bothered about us he was dying and didnt even have the decency to tell any of us not even my eldest sister who always had contact with him until a year or so b4 he died…hes that selfish he told him family not to tell us he had died …we found out by reading it in the local paper! some men ay dont deserve to be dads im so greatful my husband is a nice guy and would never treat our kids like that!



    hi girls i got my af at 8 last night do i count that as day 1 of my cycle or today as day 1 of my cycle comment appreicieated

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