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    Semi sorry hope you are doing ok, I know the Phospholipids are the structure of the cell wall which mainly reside out of fat substances (out of a Textbook). I am going to take a stab at it here (Not overly sure) and say that you would probably find that the cell walls have fought off the implantation in a result of a miscarriage. Sorry again.


    quite a few people have fell on their 2nd cycle after bc. so this month could be ur month. i think implantation happens 7-10dpo and people get bfp as early as (roughly) 11dpo but theneven that isstill pretty early so maybe tst at 13dpo, do u know when u ovulated? have u had any earlu signs of pregnancy?


    Birds big or small are my phobia



    Thanks Tpsmann,and marieseon…I know im ok…Congrats i-wanna-be-a-mommy Happy pregnancy to you….I get so excited when I hear about BFP on here ,but when I hear about people I see every day get BFP I get so jealous….Whats wrong with me..I need to stop that..All babys are gifts from God!!!!



    I dreamt I had an ultrasound and was pg with twins last night.Weird because I’m not pg that I know of… Lol. What’s with the dreams?!



    Thanx baby7 I feel better already, was jst really snappy with everyone yesterday & got upset cos it was 1 of those days


    Its got the little dark green circles with the eye on them on the 27 28 29 and the egg on the 30th with the eye on it, but on todays date the whole box is green



    well i have not been on in a few days i had to go to NY my FIL past away. he had been very ill for a while. he is in a better place now, and not in pain. it is sad cause my DD will never know him and my dad died about 20 years ago so she has no Grandpa to remember. i will do my best and show her pictures of them and told my husband that we need to tell her stories about both of them as well. i am out this month cause we could not BD, we stayed at my SIL house and DD was sleeping with us so that was a no go. we tried on the floor but was so worried that she would wake up, it just didnt weird cause when we are home we dont worry about that…and i knew for a fact that i was O’ing this weekend, oh well i should o again at the end of the month so hopefully i will get my BFP next month.i go and get the results from my blood test, HSG and dh’s semen test tomorrow i will let all know how it goes. ok i know this is a long update, i have to go will be on tomorrow…so congrats to all those who had a BFP and sorry to all the BFN’s and AF’s…babydust ladies.


    Ladies!!!! Yeah on all the BFP’s!!!! Im so happy for all of you, now give me your BABY DUST!!! LOL
    I am very confused today…my temps have been all over the place and this morning when I went to check CP it was very high, very soft, and CM was strechy (at least 1cm) I was sure I ovulated 2 days ago but never the lest I grabbed hubby and BD before he went to work LOL so Im confused but solved that problem real quick LOL. Im bummed tho cuz that pushes my test date back 2 days or so =( My 2ww just got longer!



    So me and DH are not TTC at the moment. We are working on our relationship issues and his mental health first. I feel like right now is really not the appropriate time. I probably wont be on here anymore as it saddens me a little but thank-you girls for your support and goodluck. Lots of babydust~~



    Noel, Thanks! I actually didn’t have any trouble conceiving both of my babies. My big secret is that my husband and I are not ‘supposed’ to be TTC right now because we have certain family members who would be thoroughly annoyed that we are actually trying for another one when the economy is bad! Mostly my DH parents….they’re very money conscious. We’ve never had a lot of money, but have done just fine on our own and have never asked for any help. Anyway, that’s the reason I say we’re not really TTC…I mean, we’re really hoping it will just happen on it’s own so we can honestly say that we weren’t TRYING. lol! Then we wouldn’t have to deal with any bad attitudes over it. I guess I’m especially conscious of this since I’m a SAHM and his parents aren’t too supportive/understanding of it. DH is, though. 🙂

    Anyway, just thought I’d clear that up. Maybe this next month we will really start TTC!!!!! And just forget about other’s opinions. I mean, this is OUR family, right?? 🙂



    no probs srm 🙂 jst sharing advise i was previously given 😉 yay another buddy!!!!!! im meant to be due AF xmas day so should really hold off testing till then… we’ll be 11 dpo by then…do u think we’ll be able to hold out?!! lol



    chrissy – awesome, sounds like a really great (though scary) experience. I see my sister with her baby and melt, she was never the ‘baby type’ but now she’s such a great mom, it’s cool to see that transformation.



    lol all this talk about where the lines are… evap lines.. no thank you, I use the digital tests! at the walmart where I live the digital clearblue tests come in a 5pak for $18-something, the walmart brand ‘line’ tests are $4 for one so if you buy the 5pak the digital ones are cheaper than the walmart brand. of course if you’re using internet strips or dollar store then those would be cheaper, but i like having that ‘PG’ or ‘not PG’ on the test 🙂 bought a few of them today, gonna start testing here in a week or two to see if the hcg is cleared out from my system so I will know if a pos test after we start ttc is the real deal.



    morning ladies! i have no idea whats going on with me. no clue if i ovulated, i spotted for 3 days a (CD 26 27 & 28) hardly anything but it was there. havnt been able to take my temp so no help there. my CP is very firm, very closed and very high (in the morning) it also feels ‘long’ if that makes sense. any thoughts?

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